XMX Will be Listed on OceanEx in Early October

We are pleased to announce that we will list project XMAX (http://xmx.com) in early October. XMX is “World’s First Computing Power Token” with massive hash rate power designated to empower ordinary users by sharing its computing equipment and technology. Users can obtain the bonus of BTC mining revenue and repurchase deflation by holding XMX. Within the ecosystem, all users can easily access their digital asset original accumulation and achieve efficient asset configuration.

XMX anchors BTC computing power, holding XMX equals to BTC mining

Now all investors who hold XMX is equal to holding the XMX’s computing power, hence you can participate in BTC mining without holding any mining machine. Meanwhile, XMX holders can enjoy the great benefits from the monthly repurchasing and destroying of XMX tokens. Along with the growth of XMX’s computing power, the repurchase amount has been increasing constantly, which is a core value of the XMX computing token. Therefore, all investors can share the benefits and bonuses of BTC mining without buying a mining machine. The XMAX team is committed to building an open, benefit-sharing mechanism that creates an efficient, transparent, and stable computing environment. In the short-term, this will give XMX 5% of total network computing power.

XMAX is pleased to announce its expansion plan to the European market. Oceanex has strong and solid foundation in European market with a great number of European users. XMAX will join the upcoming OceanTrip recently. OceanTrip aims to bring together all OceanEx community members and projects, to interact with local supporters and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and to open up the communication channel.

OceanEx Team


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