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Dear OceanExers,

It is the annual global celebration of all things emoji! The purpose of World Emoji Day is to promote the use of emojis and spread the enjoyment that they bring to all of those around us. To celebrate, we have prepared 5 emoji idioms and emoji creation contests for our users to participate!

Part 1 — Emoji idiom

5 emoji idioms will be sent out on OceanEx official twitter day by day from 7/17, we will pick 1 lucky user each day to be rewarded 1500 OCE.

Part 2 — Emoji Creation

Top 5 participants whose creations gain the most popularity during the event will be rewarded accordingly with 6000 OCE, 5000 OCE, 4000 OCE, 3000 OCE, 2000 OCE.

Step 1: Start your creation:

All your emoji creations (sticker/GIF) must include the elements of OceanEx/OCE/OceanEx Whale(refer to the group sticker in Otherwise your creations will be considered as disqualified.

Step 2: Post your creations in

Step 3: Submit your creations to OceanEx team

During 18:00, Jul 17th — 18:00, Jul 27th (UTC+8), submit your work to us through the google form link:

Step 4: Internal review for all participants’ creations

After receiving all the submissions, we will review your work and evaluate it based on its creativity.

Step 5: Publish the winners’ creations

OceanEx will publish winners’ works on our social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram).

Step 6: Select creations for community voting

10 selected creations will be sent to OceanEx official telegram group, and there will be 3 days for other users to vote for the final winners.


1. Emojis are required to be original from participants. Otherwise, the participants will be disqualified by OceanEx and bear the relevant legal responsibility.

2. OceanEx will detect dishonest behavior and will not pay out any reward on these creations.

3. The creation published in this event is regarded as the admission that participants allow OceanEx to use their creations for promotion. OceanEx will not be responsible for any negative comment about the creations.

4. If a participant submits several creations, he/she will be rewarded for the creation with the highest rating.

5. Community’s Choice will be voted by community members from OceanEx.

5. OceanEx reserves the rights of final explanation.

OceanEx Team


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