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OceanEx Turbo function is online now. We are pleased to announce that the first OceanEx Turbo project — XMax (XMX) will be launched for subscription soon!

What is Turbo

[Turbo] is a sub-product of OceanEx GO! It focuses on projects with effective and stable market prices in mainstream exchanges, and sells the project tokens to users at a discounted price which is significantly lower than the market price, in order to give back more benefits to OceanExers.

About XMax (XMX)

XMax (XMX) is “Worlds First Computing Power Token” with massive hash rate power designated to empower ordinary users by sharing its computing equipment and technology. Within the ecosystem, all users can easily access their digital asset original accumulation and achieve efficient asset configuration. It is also the first network based on the autonomous community with a new-computing ecosystem that is fair, transparent, multi-beneficial, and unalterable. Please refer to http://www.xmx.com if you want to know more about the project.

XMax (XMX) 35% Off-Subscription Information

  • Token Name: XMax (XMX)
  • OceanEx Turbo Allocation: 17,200,000 XMX
  • Subscription Token: OCE
  • XMX Token Price:1 XMX = 0.0014 USD = 0.4 OCE (The XMX subscription price is 65% of the market price. Price in OCE will be determined and announced about 1 hour before the subscription. )
  • Subscription Method: Weighted Average Allocation
  • Note: The XMX 35% Off-Subscription is open to all KYC’d users.

XMax (XMX) 35% Off-Subscription Rules

Subscription Period: 19:00–22:00, October 11th, 2019 (UTC+8)

During the Subscription Period, participants can subscribe XMX tokens by using OCE. The tokens used for subscription will be locked and deducted from your balance for the lock-up period.

  1. Subscription Product Venue: [to be announced]
  2. The min. token subscription amount is 10,000 XMX per account while the max. token subscription amount is 250,000 XMX per account.
  3. New Token Distribution: OceanEx will distribute XMX tokens and refund the rest of OCE to participants’ accounts before 10:00, October 12th, 2019 (UTC+8).
  4. Subscription Allocation Calculation Rules:

* If the Turbo Subscription Allocation is oversubscribed:

The project tokens received = total token available for 35% Off-Subscription x (your new token subscription amount / total new token subscription amount received)

Investment cost = the project tokens received x token price in OCE

Refund = your total OCE subscription amount — the investment cost

* In any other cases, your subscription amount will be fully distributed.


  1. There is no limit on the total OCE subscription amount.
  2. Every account can submit applications for XMX 35% Off-Subscription at most 10 times. The total subscription from each account can not exceed the account’s maximum token subscription amount.
  3. Users need to complete Verification (KYC) before participating in the Turbo.

Risk Warning:

  1. OceanEx provides a digital asset exchange platform. Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high risks and please make your decision after conducting comprehensive research and consideration.
  2. The project tokens you finally received depends on your subscription amount and all other participants subscription amount in total. Unsuccessfully subscribed OCE will be returned to your account. You should also be informed and noticed that OCE will be suffered by price fluctuation during the event period, please pay attention to the risk.

OceanEx Team


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