The OCE Club is Officially Launched: Five Exclusive Benefits for OCE Holders

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Today, OceanEx announced that the official version of the ‘OCE Club’ has been launched. OceanEx Digital Asset Trading Platform uses advanced artificial intelligence technologies to provide a secure and ultra-fluid digital currency trading market. Capable of transparent and seamless trading, it dedicates to offer top security protection for all digital assets. OCE Club is also a part of the OceanEx ecosystem, aimed at increasing the platform rights of OCE (OceaEx Platform Token) holders .

Five Benefits from Different Dimension

Trading Fee Discount

Enjoy up to 90% of the trading fee discount. The higher level of your OCE Club Membership, the more discount you will enjoy.

Referral Program Pro

Referral Program Pro enjoy up to 50% of the trading fee from the invitees as the commission.


CryptoFarm is a low risk value-added plan that provides users with a relatively stable asset growth solution. OCE holders can enjoy tailored maximum individual subscription amount based on different OCE Club Membership Levels.

OceanEx GO!

OceanEx GO! can help all users to quickly filter and get access to high quality projects in the market. OCE holders can enjoy tailored subscription amount based on different Membership levels.

OCE Burning Mechanism

The OCE OceanEx received from Trading Fee Discount program will be burnt quarterly starting from Q3 2019 until the total OCE amount reduced to 7 billion. The quantity burnt and the address of OCE will be published after the data collection in the beginning of the following quarter.

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OCE Club aims to attract more quality users to become members through community building and revenue sharing in order to build a stronger OceanEx ecosystem and powerful community consensus. And in the later planning, OCE will have more application scenarios and benefits:

OCE Store

As a payment token for purchasing merchandise at the OCE Store, various OceanEx official designed merchandise will be sold online.

Community Voting

Have the right to vote and participate in the decision making of the OceanEx ecosystem and community

Decentralized Exchange Fee

Will be used as the transaction fee for the future decentralized OceanEx platform


Used in a variety of payment options, from OCE Store to other digital asset wallets to be explored in the future.

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