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2 min readOct 27, 2020


Two years ago, a new chapter began for OceanEx. Now OceanEx is growing out of its infancy, the next chapter in our story will take us to great heights. We will continue our commitment to create unique crypto experiences for our users. Since the very beginning, the OceanEx community has been our cornerstone, and the development of the OceanEx ecosystem has only become possible with all your support. To show our appreciation for our community, we want to celebrate with you all as OceanEx Turns 2 years old!

Join us in celebrating OceanEx’s 2nd anniversary by sharing your story with us and get a chance to win up to 10,000 OCE from a prize pool of 1M OCE!

Event Period: 18:00, Oct 27th — 18:00, Nov 23rd, 2020 (UTC+8)

How to Participate

Step 1: Follow OceanEx official twitter (@OceanexOfficial) and join OceanEx official telegram group (https://t.me/OceanEx_Official);

Step 2: Share your OceanEx story on twitter. It can be as short as one sentence or as long as a full article. Include the hashtag #OceanExTurns2.

Step 3: Submit your relevant info to the form via https://forms.gle/vK4uyPVgKh4Ub93E7


  • We will do a lucky draw to determine the 100 winners who will split a pool of 500,000 OCE, with 5000 OCE each
  • 25 winners whose tweets are popular (according to the number of retweet & comment & like) will each win 10,000 OCE
  • 25 winners will be voted by OceanEx review team (according to the content and quality of story) will each win 10,000 OCE


1. OceanEx will announce the winners list on Nov 29th, please stay tuned.

2. OceanEx will detect dishonest behavior and will not pay out any reward on these creations.

3. Maximum of 1 prize per entrant.

4. Rewards will be distributed within 7 working days after the event ends.

5. OceanEx reserves the rights of final explanation.

Thanks for your ongoing support! Looking forward to your participation!



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