Summon of Talented Holmes

Dear OceanExers,

We just got a request from “Rayscale”, they are an organization from the X Ocean and they devote themselves to the marine welfare. They set up a VeChainThor wallet and deposited 10 million of UET one month ago, and planned to improve the marine environment with this asset. But unfortunately they lost the notebook last week and they wrote all the mnemonics on it. They came to us and asked for help, also provided some clues related to the mnemonics.

Now it’s time for all OceanExers to find out the mnemonics with your intelligence, clues about the mnemonics will be sent out every day on our official twitter. The first one who finds all the mnemonics will win 100,000 OCE (≈100 USD) as a thankful reward!

Event Period: 18:00, Feb 12th — 18:00, Feb 21st, 2021 (UTC+8)


  1. The 1st user who submit all the correct mnemonics will receive 100,000 OCE reward
  2. The 2nd user who submit all the correct mnemonics will receive 20,000 OCE reward
  3. The 21st user who submit all the correct mnemonics will receive 20,210 OCE reward

Event Details:

  1. Clues will be sent on OceanEx official twitter every day starts from Feb 12th;
  2. Submit all mnemonics via;
  3. Form will be available during 18:00, Feb 17th — 18:00. Feb 21st (UTC+8).


  1. Users will see the wallet name “Talented Holmes” if opening the correct wallet.
  2. The OCE rewards are not stored in the wallet, we will distribute all the rewards to qualified users.
  3. Users can discuss and exchange their mnemonics in the community, but please be noted that only the first one who collects and submits all mnemonics will win the big prize.
  4. OceanEx reserves the rights of final explanation.

Thanks for your support! Looking forward to your participation!

OceanEx Team


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