SHA CryptoFarm II (09/04/2020) — Earn 24% Annualized Expected Return

To thank you all for your long-time support to OceanEx, we are going to launch SHA CryptoFarm II (09/04/2020). All participants can earn 24% Annualized Expected Increase of SHA Amount!

In order to express our appreciation for OCE holders, the SHA CryptoFarm has prepared the extra lockup amount especially for OCE Club Members. Come and join in this event!

About Safe Haven:

Safe Haven Foundation is a Decentralized B2B2C Platform which supports companies and blockchain projects, aiding their expansion within their verticals. They will open their platform and tech solutions to the community, developers, entrepreneurs, inheritance and trust professionals, and existing financial services companies. To learn more please visit

SHA CryptoFarm II

Product Venue:

Subscription Period: 21:00, September 4th to 21:00, September 6th, 2020 (UTC+8) (2 days)

Lockup Period: 22:00, September 6th to 22:00, October 6th, 2020 (UTC+8) (30 days)

Annualized Expected Increase of SHA Amount: 24%

Total Lockup Amount: 50,000,000 SHA

Minimal Individual Lockup Amount: 10,000 SHA

The maximal individual lockup amount for each trader is related to your OCE Club Level at the time of purchase. The details are described as follows:

Non OCE Club Member: 1,000,000 SHA

OCE Club Lv.1: 2,000,000 SHA

OCE Club Lv.2: 3,000,000 SHA

OCE Club Lv.3: 4,000,000 SHA

OCE Club Lv.4: 5,000,000 SHA

OCE Club Lv.5: 6,000,000 SHA


  • Subscription can’t be canceled once you subscribe for the product.

Thanks for your support! Looking forward to your participation!

OceanEx Team


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