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Q: Is there a public sale for OceanEx?

The ICO has only two phases, the Private Round (already sold out) and the VeChain Community Round in September. If you are interested in the VeChain Community Round, please follow our twitter @OceanexOfficial for further updates.

Q: Will US residents be banned from participating in this ICO?

Residents from US, China, Japan will regrettably be excluded from participating in the VeChain Community Round.

Q: Are there more details about the ICO Pre Sale numbers and any other metrics?

  • OCE total valuation will be 15 million VET (Pre-split)and the total supply will be 10 billion OCE.
  • 30% of the token will be issued in the Private Round and VeChain Community Round. In the private sale the token price is 1 VET(Pre-split)= 800 OCE (There is a 6-months Lockup period for 50%) and the VeChain Community Round will be 1 VET(Pre-split)= 730 OCE.
  • Stay tuned on for further details on twitter @OceanexOfficial .

Q: In the VeChain community round, how do you define community member? Is it only for node holders?

OceanEx is an important member within the VeChainThor Ecosystem and shares the same vision and community. Therefore, we invite not only node holders to join the VeChain Community Round, but also consider whoever hold more than 50 VET(Pre-split) as one of the members of our community. That is to say, if you hold more than 50 VET(Pre-split), you are welcome to the VeChain Community Round.

Q: Should I still reach out as a strategic investor?

Our Private Round allocation has already been sold out, but investors who can bring strategic resources are always welcome to contact us ( for potential co-operations.

Q: Will there be a cap for individual investors in the VeChain Community Round?

There will be a cap for each investor. All details regarding VeChain Community Round will be announced officially in our Medium. Stay tuned on our Medium:

Platform Development-related

Q: What is OCE token used for?

OCE is an indispensable piece of OceanEx’s ecosystem and future developments. It can be used in many scenarios including but not limited to:

  • pay for fees of services such as: transaction fee, withdraw fee, listing fee, argo/fund deployment fee
  • voting right in project listing pool
  • invitation to OceanEx’s quality community events and meetups
  • access to our market research center in OceanLab
  • subscribe to and use our professional developed trading tools and investment products such as CryptoBento™
  • more to come in the future

Q: Can you explain more about the asset management and algorithm trading features?

OceanEx will provide a suite of open-source APIs to allow users to develop cryptocurrency trading algorithms and deploy customized trading algorithms.

The user developed algorithms will be optionally available in a strategy marketplace, where the performance of the trading algorithms will be tracked publicly, and other users can subscribe to the algorithm through user- defined commission fees in the form of OCE (OceanEx token).

Meanwhile, users can use “OCE” to purchase OceanEx exclusive CryptoBento™ that are managed by professional fund managers.

There will be many more features and innovations coming in the not too distant future.

Q: Does “building on VeChain” mean OceanEx is a decentralized exchange?

Currently, we are a centralized exchange. However, the decentralized exchange model has serious potential in the eyes of every stakeholder we have talked to. Now, what we can confirm is when it happens it will be fully built on and powered by the VeChainThor Blockchain.

Q: Will OceanEx list other coins besides VeChainThor ICOs?

Why not? Good projects deserve to be listed and will have a rigorous due diligence process before listing. Having an open mind is a key aspect to blockchain’s success. Nonetheless, we consider VeChains Ecosystem as our priority.

Q: Will OceanEx do fiat exchange?

OceanEx is closely working with different regulators to provide Fiat to Crypto exchange services for many major fiat currencies.

Q: How the AI system work in the exchange?

The AI system in our OceanEx is used to protect the security of our exchange, detecting unexpected trading behaviors from our users to prevent compromised accounts and malicious trading algos. AI will also be used to monitor the underlying cloud infrastructure of the exchange and scale the cloud dynamically to avoid service delays. AI is not used to the manipulate market and does not prevent investment loss. In addition, our AI system is not a substitute, but a compliment to, human oversight of the exchange. In the future, we will have a further detailed medium article to decoding the mystery of AI system on OceanEx, stay tuned.

Q: What is the relationship of OceanEx and Bitocean Global? Is Bitocean Global the same company with BITOCEAN in Japan?

OceanEx is owned by Bitocean Global, which, IS NOT the same company as BITOCEAN k.k (株式会社BITOCEAN) in Japan. The two companies are independent entities.

Q: What is CREAM- A CRYPTO MERCHANT BANK in the teaser?

CREAM is an enterprise executive advisory and Investment firm. They are working in partnership with our executive team, to expand our capital reserve, community outreach and brand exposure.

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