OceanTalk — SNKr Special, Join to Win 15,000 SNK Rewards!

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We are pleased to invite our new partner — SNKr to join in our OceanTalk series! George Yang of SNKr will be our guest to provide all with a comprehensive understanding about SNKr. Join us on OceanTalk and you will be given a chance to win 15,000 SNK!

Host: Starry, CMO of OceanEx

Guest: George Yang, CEO of SNKr

Time: November 15th, 19:00 (UTC+8)

Venue: OceanEx Official Telegram Group (https://t.me/OceanEx_Official)

There are 4 sections during the AMA event:

  1. Brief introduction of SNKr
  2. Quick Quiz (Host & Guest)
  3. Fast Q&A (Fans & Guest)
  4. Open Talk (Fans & Guest)

Ask George Yang questions about SNKr. We will pre-collect questions from fans before AMA. Google form link will be closed at 19:00, 15th Nov. (UTC+8). George will select around 10 questions to response, and each participant whose question has been selected will receive 1,000 SNK each!

During Open Talk session, George Yang will select randomly around 10 questions to answer, each user whose question has been selected will receive 500 SNK each!

Please pose your questions via: https://forms.gle/3cBfuMtRHrctzk6Y8


1. Only SNKr-related question will be selected.

2. Maximum 10 questions will be selected.

3. Please ONLY submit ONE question.

4. All the winners will be announced after the event.

5. Winners please use your telegram account to PM @OceanEx_Whale your OceanEx email account. We will distribute all the rewards to the winners’ accounts within 7 working days after the event has ended.

OceanEx Team


Please stay tuned and follow us on our official channels:

Twitter — https://twitter.com/OceanexOfficial

Telegram — https://t.me/OceanEx_Official

Telegram Germany — https://t.me/OceanEx_German_Official

Telegram Dutch — https://t.me/oceanexNL_dutch_official

Telegram Vietnam — https://t.me/OceanEx_Vietnam_Official

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