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Thanks for all participants who joined the first OceanTalke AMA session with IOST, we have received many insightful questions. Due to the time limitation, we are unfortunately not able to address all questions, however, community voice matters to us. We would like to take this opportunity to give feedback to the rest of the questions.


Among all questions collected from the community, we only selected technique-oriented and business-based ones with repetitive questions excluded.

Those who have posted the following questions will be rewarded with 500 IOST each as a thank-you gift, welcome all for participation in the future.

All rewarded users will be contacted personally on Telegram for further procedure, please keep your eye on the personal message.

1.It seems that IOST is available on certain cross chains wallets currently and is allowed for users to vote/stake as mentioned in your POB consensus and gain bonus. Is IOST planning to use as part of the nodes for POB consensus at large? Would users on exchanges such as OceanEX also have voting ability to earn bonus as well? If so, are exchanges that trade IOST and allow users’ votings also act as part of the POB consensus nodes? @Aljoinc

Actually, we have already supported a lot of cross chains wallets, like TokenPocket, Cobo Wallet, Huobi Wallet. Some wallets are already our nodes.

All users have the right to vote and get rewards, so it totally depends on you. We welcome OceanEx to become our node, giving exchange users the chance to stake token directly.

2. With the incredible number of TPS that the IOST network has, do you think the development of DApps based on shooting games or skill competitions is feasible? @626339818

In fact the shooting games or skill competition does not require so much on TPS, instead, it totally depends on the game and back-end logic itself. Our TPS keeps an extremely high level of 8000, so it is feasible.

3. In the iost.io FAQ, he has announced an official wallet for mainnet. When can we expect it? @baredevel

By far, all wallets on IOST are from our partners, such as TokenPocket, Cobo Wallet, Huobi Wallet, etc. We are identified as a public chain providing the ecosystem where third parties can build up their wallets, so we do not have our own official wallet and we are not planning to neither.

4. What equipment is minimally necessary to fulfill the role of node in IOST? @600242883

It is very simple, only by holding 2.1 million IOST can you fulfill the role of node in IOST. The threshold of becoming the IOST’s node is very low, as users do not need to have a large number of tokens as EOS or TRON does. Besides, what IOST is striving for is the truly decentralized network, so we do not have a review process, instead, the review system is pre-written in the underlying code. Till now we have supported thousands of nodes.

5. How easily can a developer migrate from DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) blockchain like Steem to IOST blockchain? Also, will IOST allow building of social media DApp considering volume of interaction of users? @autofreak

Migrate from DPoS to IOST is very simple. We have a low barrier for developers, a lot of tools and underlying optimization, our programming language is Javascript, which is simpler than smart contract, so developers can get started quickly. Besides, we will provide them with customized and hands-on support.

Regarding social media DAPP, actually right now our partner AI Link is working on the social media DApp.

6. What will be IOST’s competitive advantage when other protocols manage to hit the same level of TPS? @Dev

What IOST differs from other projects is that it can be truly decentralized and low barrier for users and developers simultaneously. Some blockchains have high TPS but not enough decentralization, but our public chain is decentralized and scalable with high TPS at the same time. Our decentralization can be reflected in the number of nodes. Unlike Ethereum, EOS or TRON which have only hundreds or less than 100 hundreds nodes, we can support thousands of nodes,

7. What is your goal for number of Dapps launched on IOST until the end of 2019 and where do you see IOST in 2 years? @texnobuddy

I think the quality of DApps is more important instead of numbers. Most blockchains have tons of DAPPs but barely the long-tail DAPPS. Thus, I think having ten or twenty high-quality DAPPs would be more valuable than seeking merely the numbers.

2 years is too long and is difficult to predict. Our near-term goal is focusing on DApp, keeping low barriers and developing the services to absorb more potential users.

8. Hi. I see IOST has listed almost all exchanges in the world now. You have run mainet and got a lot of success. But The IOST price decrease so hard from the listed day. Do you have any plan to keep IOST token gain more value?@Jenny19_97

Our price is actually higher than when we are listed, and our plan is to get 100M USERS + 500 nodes by the end of 2019.

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