OceanTalk- AMA Series [Mechaverse Special]

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2 min readDec 26, 2022


We are pleased to invite Mechaverse Marketing Advisor — ViVi to join OceanEx OceanTalk series!

Mechaverse is a Meta-Dimensional Strategy Game-Fi in The Era of Web3.They aim to build up a comprehensive Web3 & IP-metaverse entertainment gateway for all the ordinary users from the Web2 world and transform famous Web2 animation IPs to Web3 world individuals as much as possible. They keep establishing deeper cooperation with well-known IP authors, holders, and institutions worldwide to fulfill our vision.

Host: Whale — Community Lead at OceanEx

Guest: ViVi — Mechaverse Marketing Advisor

Time: 18:00, Dec 28th (UTC+8)

Venue: OceanEx Telegram Group (https://t.me/OceanEx_Official)

There are 2 sections during the AMA event:

  • Section 1: Q&A regarding to the most concern questions for Mechaverse (Click here to pose your questions)
  • Section 2: Open talk: OceanExers and ViVi

Ask ViVi anything about Mechaverse. We will pre-collect questions from OceanExers before AMA for Section 1. Google form link will be closed at 22:00, Dec 27th (UTC+8). ViVi will select some questions to answer. And a total of 10 lucky users will be picked to win 10MG(10USD) each from section1 and section 2!

  1. Only Mechaverse-related question will be selected;
  2. Questions have been answered from the pre-collected part won’t be selected in Open talk section;
  3. Please ONLY submit ONE question;
  4. Winners will be announced after the event.
  5. Winners please use your telegram account to PM @OceanEx_Whale to confirm your TG username and BSC wallet address. We will distribute all the rewards to the winners’ accounts within 7 working days after the event has ended.

Please pose your questions via: https://forms.gle/y56Yv8bLALFmrwJi6

Looking forward to your participation!

OceanEx Team


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