OceanLabs Launches Research Awards Program to Enrich Technology Development

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OceanEx is committed to providing our users with a secure, transparent and continuously improved platform for trading digital assets. While we conduct significant in-house technical research and development, we also maintain a great rapport with academic institutions across the globe, discovering core areas related to our products and services and conducting innovative research. Today, we are pleased to introduce OceanLabs to the public, and the first program- Research Awards Program.

What Is OceanLabs?

OceanLabs promotes internal growth and development, supports industry research and product innovation, and aims to enhance OceanEx’s competitive advantage in the market. OceanLabs will collaborate with academic research laboratories and incubate highly complementary projects.

What Is the Research Awards Program?

The Research Awards Program is structured as funding seeded to support the promising and valuable research teams around the world, providing a highly competitive award with a rigorous review process. The Research Awards Program aims at funding the world-class and cutting-edge research in the hi-tech industry, especially the Blockchain, Exchange, Ecosystem, AI, computer science and related areas.

How To Apply For A Research Award in OceanLabs?

Step 1: Write your proposal. If you have an OceanEx champion or sponsor, ask them to provide feedback.

Step 2: Submit your proposal.

Step 3: Decisions will be announced at the end of each cycle.

For more application details and process requirements of Research Awards Program, please visit OceanLabs Proposal.

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