OceanEx 2.0 Atlantic — Where the New Age of Discovery Begins

OceanEx 1.0 (Beta) was launched on November 30, 2018 as a Beta Test. Since then, the OceanEx team has been fervently at work to bring the platform to the next level. After almost four months of product development, we are proud to announce that the Beta Test is now successfully completed. We have finally reached our official release — OceanEx Atlantic!

OceanEx Atlantic represents the starting point of a new journey, which aims to add a higher level of security and professionalism to the trading experience and establish a more comprehensive OceanEx ecosystem with our community and partners.

We have highlighted some of the features in OceanEx Atlantic below. A deep dive of specific features will be announced separately following this release.

  • Enhanced trading experience with continuous product optimization

In OceanEx Atlantic the overall optimization of webpage performance will provide users with a quick and smooth trading experience. Features include but not limited to: a significant upgrade on Deposit/Withdraw functionalities; an optimized user interface; customizable and auto-saved chart settings, and market search and sorting functions. Additionally, we have optimized web page rendering to better adapt to different kinds of resolutions. Meanwhile, as many users have requested us to provide a mobile interface to OceanEx, we have prioritized the development of mobile apps. Soon you will be able to use our exchange on Android and IOS!

  • Efficient customer support equipped with an AI-powered risk control system

User experience is always the overriding value of OceanEx. In OceanEx 2.0, your request will be more efficiently supported by our operation specialists. Furthermore, an AI-powered risk detection algorithm is integrated into our risk control system to better protect your digital assets and streamline the token/currency transfer experience.

  • Expanded global coverage with localized community interaction

Since the launch of OceanEx 1.0, we have cultivated a very interactive OceanEx community with a team of proactive OceanEx Pilot Whales. As an international platform, we value diversity in our community. The OceanEx Pilot Whale program will continue to attract more OceanEx enthusiasts with different backgrounds. With their help, OceanEx is going to expand its global coverage in more countries and regions while providing better support to our local communities. In March, we successfully held our first meetup in Amsterdam, and there will be more meetups coming in 2019.

Also, OceanEx will soon provide multi-language support to better serve our growing global community.

  • More effective communication via diversified social media channels

Due to the rapid growth of our user base, we will deliver more frequent communication regarding our ongoing operation and roadmaps. To achieve this, our first step is to release the Operation & Development Update to the community on a monthly basis via our social media channels. In addition, you will see more AMAs coming in the future.

  • Robust Tokenomics supported by OCE Club

As announced at our Amsterdam meetup, OCE will be listed on March 31st! To show our appreciation for all token holders’ recognition and belief in OceanEx’s long-term value we will introduce the OCE Club, which aims at enhancing the robustness of OCE tokenomics by maximizing the benefits of our token holders. By joining the OCE Club you will be eligible to perks including trading fee discounts, referral fees, and customized investment programs, as well as exclusive benefits tailored to the level of your OCE Club membership. Please stay tuned for the release of OCE Club to get more details!

  • Strong Partnerships with leading players in the industry

In March, we have announced the partnership with CertiK which will bring an additional layer of security protection to the exchange. In 2019, OceanEx will work more closely with leading organizations in the blockchain and crypto industry to provide our users with comprehensive services. More exciting partnerships will be announced soon!

Moreover, as an open ecosystem, one key mission of OceanEx is to interconnect different blockchain ecosystems. To fulfill this mission, starting in Q2 2019, we will begin listing projects outside the VeChain Ecosystem that meet our listing criteria to expand the trading options for our users.

  • Exclusive and Professional Institutional Solutions

Since we introduced the institutional account registration in Jan 2019, we have received a considerable amount of applications globally. In OceanEx 2.0, the institutional account will be upgraded with more customized functionalities and professional services. More features of our institutional services are coming soon.

Let’s set sail and voyage on!

Please stay tuned and follow us on our official channels:

Twitter — https://twitter.com/OceanexOfficial

Telegram — https://t.me/OceanEx_Official




The AI-powered Next Generation Intelligent Digital Asset Exchange Ecosystem

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OceanEx Official

OceanEx Official

The AI-powered Next Generation Intelligent Digital Asset Exchange Ecosystem

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