OceanEx to Attend The Capital Held by CoinMarketCap in Singapore

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The Capital will be organized by CoinMarketCap from November 12 and 13 in Singapore. CoinMarketCap is one of the most prominent information resource platforms in the crypto world, which tracks the market capitalization of different cryptocurrencies and the volume of trades across multiple exchanges. As the first event initiated by CoinMarketCap, The Capital is geared towards bringing together prominent stakeholders in the blockchain, government, technology, finance industries and more to connect and have global conversations on crypto asset adoption, liquidity and discovery.

OceanEx, an AI-powered digital asset trading platform, is invited to The Capital and showcase its visions on how exchange add value to not only public chain but also various projects. On November 12, Xiaoning Nan, co-founder and CEO at OceanEx, is invited as the keynote speaker, will deliver a speech on his insights on promoting industry development through public chain cooperation and projects cultivation.

What to expect:

1.Meet with Official Team:

Venue: Victoria Theatre

Booth Number: K01

Time: November 12- 13

2. Keynote Speech:

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Speaker: Xiaoning Nan, OceanEx’s co-founder & CEO

Topic: Promoting Industrial development through Public Chain and Project Cultivation

Venue: Victoria Theatre

Time: 12:05–12:20 pm, November 13

3. Official Warm-up Party:

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Moreover, OceanEx is also hosting The Capital Official Warm-up Party with CoinMarketCap and VeChain together. Everyone interested in the blockchain technology will be welcome to join us at Smoke & Mirrors on Nov. 11th from 6pm to 10pm. Just simply click here to register for The Capital Warm-up Party.

Join us in The Capital at Victoria Theater and our exclusive networking The Capital Warm-up Party! Tickets for The Capital Warm-up Party are limited at a first come, first served basis.

OceanEx Team


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