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In 2010, on 22nd May, Laszlo Hanyecz, a Florida programmer made the world’s first real bitcoin transaction by spending 10,000 bitcoins for 2 pizzas. And now many crypto-enthusiasts buy pizza “Papa Jones” (it was in this restaurant where Heinitz bought his pizza) and remember this event, which marked the beginning of the actual use of bitcoin as a means of payment.

To celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day, we launch a Pizza Treat campaign to give away OCE and Pizza Day Customized T-shirt!

Campaign Info:

Top 10 followers who get the most likes with their tweets will win an OceanEx customized T-shirt from May 19th to 23rd. A total of 10 OceanEx customized T-shirts are waiting for you!

Event Time: 20:00 May 19th — 20:00 May 23rd, 2019 (UTC+8)


  1. Follow @OceanExOfficial on Twitter
  2. Post a photo of you eating pizza (or just pizza if you do not want to show your twisted face LOL) on Twitter
  3. Tag @OceanExOfficial, and three of your friends
  4. Hashtag #BitcoinPizzaDay, #Bitcoin and #OCEPizzaTime

Special Bonus for winners:

Winners will be rewarded 500 OCE each after completing the following steps:

  1. Post a tweet with the photo of your OceanEx Customized T-shirt
  2. Follow and @OceanExOfficial
  3. With hashtag #BitcoinPizzaDay, #Bitcoin and #OceanExPizzaTee

Event Time: After winners receive T-shirt till June 10th.


  1. Tokens will be sent to the winners’ OceanEx accounts.
  2. OceanEx will contact the winners for prize redemption.
  3. All winners will have to provide contact information for further arrangement.
  4. For winners who are not able to reply to the message will be considered as forfeiting the prize.
  5. In case of any dispute, OceanEx reserves the right of final decision.

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