OceanEx Pilot Whale Program

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“Community comes first” has always been a core value of the OceanEx team, and reflects the reason of why we initiated the project. As we continue our voyage, we would like call upon passionate community members to help build the OceanEx ecosystem and guide other community members by filling in the role of a “Pilot Whale”. In addition, “Pilot Whale” will also be the first type of membership in OceanEx WhaleClub (more info. about WhaleClub will be announced soon)

OceanEx Pilot Whales are recruited from existing OceanEx telegram community members. We look for members who are passionate about the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry, and are willing to contribute to the growth and development of OceanEx.

  1. Have an enthusiastic and optimistic outlook towards the development of the OceanEx and VeChain ecosystem
  2. Commit a certain amount of online time for OceanEx
  3. Have mature skills in or possess a strong desire to learn digital marketing, community outreach, technical support, product research & development, translation etc
  4. Communication skills in English or other languages
  5. Have a sense of responsibility
  6. OCE holder
  1. Help new users to use OceanEx platform
  2. Answer questions about OceanEX or Ecosystem Projects in VeFAM from the community
  3. Contribute early feedback for new platform functions or features
  4. Organize constructive and educational discussions in telegram groups or other platforms
  5. Become OceanEx’s frontline correspondents in the community and closely work with the OceanEx core team to secure a bright future for the platform
  1. Direct line of communication with OceanEx core team
  2. Special customized Pilot Whale metal and other gifts from OceanEx
  3. Participate in all our offline activities as privileged guest or organizer
  4. Suggestions from OceanEx Pilot Whale will be highly valued
  5. Participate in the product design of OceanEx together with the team
  6. Other incentive will be communicated upon the successful recruitment
  1. Community member who is interested in becoming a Pilot Whale can fill out the application form (https://goo.gl/forms/9A1e1WjoYNQApxPJ3) and submit it before Dec 5th, 2018
  2. We will have your application reviewed internally and email you if you are enlisted in the Pilot Whale Program
  3. All enlisted candidates will be invited to helping us moderating the community for a month.
  4. After a month the candidates with good performance will be officially promoted to a Pilot Whale
  5. A limited number of Pilot Whales will be selected for the first round of recruitment. We will be keeping all applications on file for future recruitment cycles

We anticipate the Pilot Whale program to act as a rally point for the best of the OceanEx community. We welcome all interested community members to apply and share your enthusiasm for the OceanEx project. Let’s build OceanEx the best community in the world!

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