OceanEx Partners with DogeChina to Serve China’s Dogecoin Users

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OceanEx, the leading AI-powered crypto exchange has just announced its strategic partnership with one of the most flourishing blockchain communities — DogeChina. The two parties will build a deep strategic cooperation to contribute promotion in user’s trading experience and value discovery of blockchain technology.

OceanEx has always been dedicated to providing users with the most secure, transparent and seamless trading experience with uncompromising protection of their assets. Its AI-powered algorithm encompasses not only the risk detection algorithm monitoring all user and infrastructure activities on the platform and identify potential threats, but also the risk management system analyzing users historical data and gauging the risk level of a specific withdraw request and recommending the corresponding risk measures.

DogeChina was jointly initiated by exchanges, funds, media, activists, blockchain project parties, mining pools, quant funds, and dogecoin consensus users, with the aim of continuing to help the landing and advancement of Dogecoin in China. In terms of technology, Dogechina hopes to reach a consensus with the international community to continue to update and maintain the technical code of Dogecoin.

In today’s cryptocurrency market where the trading and price of tokens are quite volatile and unpredictable, Dogecoin will surely benefit massively from OceanEx’s security technology. In return, the large amount of China-based communities of DogeChina will also stimulate the overall trading volume of OceanEx.

Xiaoning Nan, founder and CEO of OceanEx states:

“We strongly believe that the cooperation between OceanEx and DogeChina communities will have a flourishing and promising future in technology, community and branding. We will collaborate with Doge Community to co-contribute to the blockchain industry’s development.”

The partnership will enable OceanEx to become the most friendly exchange globally with the best trading experience of Dogecoin. The shared community resources will also mutually benefit each other to realize revenue shares with Dogecoin community and users together, promoting Dogecoin’s development in China.

About DogeChina

The DogeChina community is jointly initiated by exchanges, funds, media, activists, great blockchain projects, mining pools, quantitative institutions, and the Dogecoin consensus users. It aims to continue to help and promote Dogecoin’s advancement and promotion in China and to reach a consensus with the global community on technology and continue to update and maintain Dogecoin’s technical code.

About OceanEx

Launched by BitOcean Global in 2018, OceanEx is an AI powered digital asset trading platform. It offers professional services and uncompromising user experience to digital asset investors, traders and liquidity providers. The platform is equipped with Bank-level SSL security technology with advanced machine learning algorithms to actively detect attacks and safeguard your assets and transactions.

For more information: oceanex.pro

OceanEx Team

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