OceanEx Partners with Crypto.com to Enhance Global Crypto Enthusiasts’ Trading Experience

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We are pleased to announce that we have officially partnered with Crypto.com, a Hong Kong-based payment and cryptocurrency platform, by listing its Crypto.com Chain Token (CRO). The partnership aims to enhance the trading security, transparency and extend the firm’s cryptocurrency trading services to the global market.

Our partnership with Crypto.com is supported by VeChain architecture and will optimize both the exchange and cryptocurrency’s ecosystem pertaining to technology, the market and user experience.

A Robust Security System to Optimize User Experience

It is no doubt that security takes the center stage in the blockchain ecosystem. Indeed, the blockchain-equipped cryptocurrencies allow people to share valuable digital assets in a secure and tamperproof way through its sophisticated algorithms and innovative software rules. It is next to impossible for hackers to manipulate such ecosystem. However, the rosy picture has been unprecedentedly distorted by ceaseless crypto attacking accidents occurred in recent years.

What differentiates OceanEx from other exchanges in the industry is its AI-powered system; a system that encompasses not only the risk detection algorithm monitoring all user and infrastructure activities on the platform and identify potential threats, but also the risk management system analyzing users historical data and gauging the risk level of a specific withdraw request and recommending the corresponding risk measures. All these functionalities provide users with a secure, seamless and efficient experience when trading CRO on OceanEx.

With the launching of OceanEx Atlantic version in March and the team showed its great determination:

“OceanEx Atlantic represents the starting point of a new journey, which aims to add a higher level of security and professionalism to the trading experience and establish a more comprehensive OceanEx ecosystem with our community and partners.”

Undoubtedly, the partnership will significantly optimize users’ trading experience and accelerate the “world’s transition” to cryptocurrency.

Shared Resources to Crack Global Market

The long-lasting goal of OceanEx is to offer global users the best trading experience with the uncompromising protection of their digital assets, and the partnership with Crypto.com can maximize the current market resources to reach the potential users globally.

Launched in 2017, Crypto.com has managed to attract millions of crypto enthusiasts for its pioneering payment system, with rich collaborative resources in the global entertainment industry. The CRO token to be listed on OceanEx is a decentralized verification system that helps to convert the cryptocurrencies in the Crypto.com Wallet to US Dollars. It has been on a parabolic moon shot since launching, muscling its way into the top 30 with a 170% pump on the day. The incredible rise of the token price proves exactly the robust consensus of the project, which, undoubtedly, would increase the trading depth of OceanEx significantly; simultaneously, the high-performing crypto transition services offered by Crypto.com will also capture the crypto-lovers fancy and therefore contribute to the users’ acquisition.

In turn, OceanEx’ deep roots in European and North American market will crack the global market for Crypto.com, as its co-founder and CEO Kris Marszalek has stated in an interview recently:

“We are going to launch in the US soon, and Europe will follow shortly after. It’s going to be the only cryptocurrency card available globally this year. We think that we have a very competitive product, even against major banks. Currently, we have over 100,000 card reservations. That global rollout is a big part of our strategy to increase the size of the platform.”

Starry Liu, head of Marketing at OceanEx, also claims: “Europe and North American constitute a vibrant market with millions of potential users. We are thrilled to develop closer ties with Crypto.com as CRO can be considered as an effective way to settle cross-currency payments instantly and inexpensively.”

Crypto exchange is an intoxicating industry despite its uncertainty and immaturity at present, nevertheless, what can be convinced is that the partnership between OceanEx and Crypto.co along with Vechain ecosystem will absolutely offer users a secure and transparent platform for holding, swapping and trading their cryptocurrencies, thereby co-contributing to the robust ecosystem of the blockchain industry.

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