OceanEx New Token Issuance Introduction

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5 min readSep 18, 2018

The amount of interest, and whitelisted pledges, we have received has left us in awe of the power behind the VeChain Ecosystem. With that, we initially want to extend a thank you for your steadfast passion and collective support towards OceanEx and the VeChainThor Blockchain.

Your dedication has left a lasting impression on our team. It is with that inspired drive that we are launching our Oceanex.pro platform for the NTI! With this launch, the Oceanex.pro platform is the next generation intelligent digital asset exchange-based ecosystem.

As the first function of the exchange, the New Token Issuance for OCE is the very beginning of our journey together! Other exchange functions, such as the trading functions and crypto bentos, will enter production soon after the completion of the NTI in late October.

The OCE New Token Issuance (NTI) begins at 10:00 UTC+8 on September 21st, 2018 and ends at 23:30 UTC+8 on October 9th, 2018. We have designed the NTI in an effort to reward loyalty as well as creating a fair chance for everyone to participate. We have established two campaigns for our NTI: X Node Quota and Flash Day.

The ratio for both events are the same 100 VET : 730 OCE as announced before.

X Node Quota

For VeChain Ecosystem X Node holders who whitelisted, we have designed a “X Node Quota”. This quota is a set of allocation that VeChain X Node holders exclusively can obtain. During the period from 13:00 Oct 6th to 13:00 Oct 8th UTC+8, you can transfer VET and obtain a quota of OCE that you can exchange VET for.

The process consists of 3 steps in which you will be carefully guided:

  1. Register an account and wait for Verification confirmation. Account Registration starts from 10:00 Sep 21st UTC+8.
  2. After you pass the Identity Verification (KYC Process), you can associate your X-node wallet address to the account by entering the OCE page and click on the Join button in X Node Quota section. In this way, we will know your node type and allocate you with two kinds of allocation options, you can choose either one. Before 13:00 UTC+8 on October 8th, you can deposit VET and execute the token exchange from VET to OCE.
  3. After you finish Step 2, you can also deposit more VET to prepare for the Flash Day event (details explained later in this article), to grab a Lucky Box from 23:30 on October 8th UTC+8.


For the Flash Day campaign, both X Node holders who whitelisted and others can all participate. We have prepared four types of pre-set packages, which we call them “Lucky Boxes”. These boxes are set to be first-come-first-sold and are set as follows:

  • Premium Box: 800,000 VET (Contains 5,840,000 OCE)
  • Platinum Box: 100,000 VET (Contains 730,000 OCE)
  • Gold Box: 80,000 VET (Contains 584,000 OCE)
  • Silver Box: 30,000 VET (Contains 219,000 OCE)

Participants who have verified their identity(who passed KYC) can obtain Lucky Boxes on our “Flash Day” event, which will occur at 23:30 UTC+8 on October 8th, lasting for 24 hours, ending at 23:30 UTC+8, October 9th, 2018. The number of Lucky Boxes are limited and the event is on a first-come-first-sold basis.

Prior to Flash Day, please make sure your Identity Verification (KYC Process) is marked as complete and that you have deposited enough VET for the box you want in advance to your exchange account. Deposit channel opens from 13:00 Oct 6th — 13:00 Oct 8th (UTC+8). According to our whitelist registration, the pledged amount has far exceeded our total allocation, so we strongly suggest you make the necessary preparations to obtain Lucky Boxes at the moment we start the Flash Day event.

How to participate in Flash Day if I’m not an X Node holder: (The process for X Node holders are explained above)

Step 1

Register an account with the email address that you have whitelisted, then submit the Identity Verification materials (KYC materials). Account Registration starts from 10:00 Sep 21st UTC+8.

Step 2

Deposit enough VET for the Lucky Box you want to obtain. Deposit Period: 13:00 Oct 6th — 13:00 Oct 8th UTC+8.

Step 3

Wait for the Flash Day event begins on 23:30 on October 8th UTC+8, click on the Lucky Box you want at your fastest speed.

Can I still participate in Flash Day if I’m not whitelisted:

Yes, You Can.

For those of you who did not register for the whitelist (including X Node holders) but still want to participate in the Flash Day event, you can register an account and after you pass the Identity Verification, you can attempt to get the Silver Box of 30,000 VET too! Please make sure you have completed the Identity Verification for your account and deposit enough VET in advance.

Reminder on KYC Materials

Materials you need to submit for Identity Verification (KYC) are:

  1. Passport or Government-issued Photo ID
  • within the expired date
  • not in our restricted country list
  • has a clear ID photo
  • government-issued
  • we strongly recommend you to submit passport especially if your government-issued ID is not in English. It will take a longer period of time to process a non-english ID.

2. Proof of Residence

  • If the Proof of Residence is not in English, English translation document is needed.
  • Recommend but not limited to : ①Household utility bill ②Current driver license ③Bank, building society or credit card statement ④Local authority tax bill
  • Do not accept: ①Duplicate Bank Statement ②Purchase Receipt or Invoice of any type ③Medical Invoice ④Tenancy Agreement/Rental Contract ④Letters from employers
  • Proof of Identity and Proof of Residence should not be the same document.

Please prepare the materials in advance and finish the Identity Verification (KYC) smoothly.

Moreover, If at the end of the event, you did not get any box or you successfully exchanged OCE but still have balance left in your account, you will be able to withdraw/trade it after the Beta 1.0 version of the platform go live in late October. Thus, please carefully decide the amount you want to deposit.

Looking forward to your participation!

OceanEx Team



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