OceanEx Netherlands Meetup Successfully Held in Amsterdam

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Oct 5th, 2019 — “OceanTrip” Netherlands Meetup has successfully been held in Amsterdam. OceanTrip gathered around 50 crypto professionals and enthusiasts together in this event.

In this trip, we aimed at gathering leading blockchain projects and community members together to interact and discuss the technical solution and product cooperation. XMAX and Jur have attended our meetup

Dr. Alessandro Palombo- CEO of Jur states that: Jur is a blockchain-based ecosystem providing revolutionary trust solutions in the legal and justice industry for any business-related circumstances. By using JUR, authorizing companies, lawyers and other legal persons can use smart legal contracts and resolve legal disputes. The legal contract market as a whole is a rigid demand for global commerce, not to mention the huge demands of legal services for cases with small amounts and low litigation value among companies. Jur is mainly for low-cost claims. In its ecosystem, Jur Editor is used to creating online contracts, together with 3 mechanisms including open layer, community layer and court layer to solve disputes online. He also revealed that Jur’s next plan is to expand the team size, conduct academic testing on the Jur Beta Platform toghether with the Radboud Faculty of Law, and finalize more commercial agreements. In the end, he said that community users are very welcome to try the already released Jur Beta Platform and to follow and participate in all new developments on the Jur project.

On August 28th, the first selected project of OceanEx, Jur completed all subscriptions in 25 minutes, and the amount was more than $10 million. As the CEO of Jur, Dr. Alessandro Palombo once again expressed his enthusiasm for becoming the first IEO project of OceanEx, and understanding of the technical team behind OceanEx, agreeing with the exchange’s professionalism and high security. In the meetup, Dr. Alessandro Palombo said: Jur is a blockchain-based ecosystem that provides a complete solution to the legal and judicial industry and legal credit for the ordinary user in any business scenario.

“XMX is “World’s First Computing Power Token” with massive hash rate power designated to empower ordinary users by sharing its computing equipment and technology” said CEO of XMAX, “XMX currently has 485495.50TH/S computing power capacity and aimed itself in setting up a truly community governance, transparent, mutually beneficial ecosystem open to all. The XMX team strives for excellence, working towards positive feedback between the platform and users/miners all over the world, inviting all to be more actively involved in providing infrastructure development for the bitcoin network. He also mentioned that mining is the lowest cost method for obtaining bitcoin, but it is only for large players. If the mining scale is not large enough, the risk of mining is very high. So what XMAX wants to do is share their mining capabilities with the community, so that all users can also enjoy the bonus of mining low-cost bitcoin. XMAX team calls this decentralization of computing power.”

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As ranking the top 60 in CoinMarketCap by trading volume, OceanEx has gradually become one of the fastest-growing and most reputable exchanges in the world. In the future, we will continually make efforts on contributing consensus enhancement, technology evolution, and development in the blockchain industry all over the world.

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