OceanEx Launched Hummingbot Trading and New API to Offer Professional Trading Experience

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We are pleased to announce that OceanEx now provides new Websocket APIs for API end-users to access OceanEx exchange. The functions cover subscription, trading, account info checking, and so on. Moreover, to enable trading through Hummingbot, OceanEx decided to fork from 0.22.0 version of Hummingbot and implemented the OceanEx connector. We have published OceanEx’s fork Hummingbot version at github. OceanEx dedicates to offer a rich set of investment tools and products to meet the needs of all types of investors and investment strategies.

We launched the updated Non-subscription new API which is a query-based websocket API. It provides the same level of OceanEx REST API. It allows users perform operations such as new orders, order cancel, order status query and order history query. The key advantage of the API is that it is much faster and more stable than REST API. On the other side, users have to maintain the websocket session. An API Rate-Limit policy is introduced to keep the OceanEx Websocket server under health conditions and prevented from attacks.

For more detailed guidance about how to use the new websocket API, please click here.

Hummingbot, created and maintained by CoinAlpha is an open-source project that integrates cryptocurrency trading on both centralized exchanges and decentralized protocols. It allows users to run a client that executes customized, automated trading strategies for cryptocurrencies. Currently, available strategies are Pure market-making, Cross exchange market-making, and Arbitrage. OceanEx fork version of Hummingbot now supports installation via Docker and Source build.

In traditional financial markets such as NASDAQ and the New Third Board, market makers are very common, but the threshold is very high. However, the cryptocurrency exchange provides a lower threshold for market entry due to data transparency and API disclosure, and everyone can conduct market arbitrage transactions. For market makers, market-making has a relatively simple logic and relatively low-wind profit. Cross-market arbitrage is to buy and sell the same trading pair between the two exchanges, and use the differences between the exchanges to make profits. Even novice traders or non-technical users can download Hummingbot and configure trading parameters in just a few minutes. Therefore, through this fork, OceanEx is able to provide the practice of buying low and selling high in order to help all kinds of users better discover the opportunities of cross-market arbitrage and open the world of market making and algorithmic trading to the public.

For detailed instructions on how to run HummingBot OceanEx Fork version to connect to and trade on OceanEx Exchange, please click here.

To better serve users and offer the best trading experience, we also held a new online campaign named Hummingbot Chief Experience Officer Assemble with a price pool of 170,000 OCE rewards to collect the feedback and opinions from users. Only simply experience the tools and share the event poster on social media to claim the reward. Click here to join in the event.

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