OceanEx GO! Launches the Second Project — SNKr (SNK)

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We are pleased to announce that OceanEx GO! will launch the second public sale project — SNKr (SNK). SNKr’s public sale will start on November 20th, 2019. Before the SNKr public sale starts, let’s get a comprehensive understanding of this project.

About SNKr

The blockchain-powered SNKr street culture ecosystem, initiated by SWELL, was inspired with the core philosophy of Real Recognize Real. Simply put, SNKr is committed to connecting real fans with real products, and helping brands, consumers, and resale platforms recognize fake goods through the use of IoT and blockchain technology. SNKr aims to bring its blockchain-powered applications to a global marketplace, thus empowering and aiding the sustainable development of the industry. Brands will be able to reward contributions from consumers and allow them to shop with confidence, thus creating a circular model that rewards creativity, originality, authenticity and active participation.

The Products

The initiating company behind SNKr (SWELL) has already developed two major tools. The first is a CRM and supply chain management BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) platform known as S-cope. S-cope allows brands to upload key product data to the blockchain, as well as other services including data storage, commodity traceability, anti-counterfeiting, content marketing, and ownership claim. Built on VeChain ToolChain, this product gives industry-specific solutions for easier adoption from streetwear and fashion companies.

Also developed by SWELL is “Mine”, a streetwear and cultural community app empowered by blockchain. “Mine’s” NFC reader allows consumers to use Android or iOS devices to scan their products and ensure authenticity. By providing proof of purchase, fans can also digitally claim these items, giving them the opportunity to show off their gear online or to transfer ownership to someone else in a resale market. “Mine” will continue to be developed with a host of other functionality including social media activities, online/offline retail features, and brand-related functions that better connect fans to the products and labels they support.

The SNK token will be a core functional requirement of these two products and will unlock features in additional products, platforms, and ecosystem events as development continues.


SNKr’s ecosystem will encourage other brands, KOLs and participants to take a leading role, including the process of developing additional features and services.

The SNKr team is loaded with relevant expertise led by co-founder and CEO George Yang, whose background in traditional finance and as the CFO of major fashion event INNERSECT allows him to combine responsible financial oversight and modern management strategy with an acute knowledge of the streetwear industry. Co-founder and CMO Theresa Zheng’s years in the fashion industry brings a deep understanding of marketing to SNKr’s target audience. Also playing a role is Consultant Chris Wang, who previously founded one of China’s top street culture media portals NOWRE. Together, they intend to replicate previous successes using their wide range of connections and experience.

Notably, SNKr has recently completed a strategic partnership with VeChain Foundation, as they seek to cooperate on the development of BaaS and IoT chip technology.

OceanEx GO! will support OCE and VET for the token subscription. Simultaneously, OceanEx GO! will provide OCE Club members and VeChainThor X Node users with exclusive benefits during the public sale.

Interested parties should contact GO@bitocean.org for more details.

OceanEx Team


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