OceanEx Germany Meetup successfully held at FSBC

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July 20th, 2019 — “OceanTrip” Germany Meetup has successfully been held at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Blockchain Center. Organized by OceanEx and IOSG, “OceanTrip” gathered more than 200 crypto professionals and enthusiasts together in this event.

“OceanTrip” Germany stop has brought the most hardcore blockchain project to meet and communicate with OceanExer! VeChain, Conflux and Nervos have attended our meetup. In this trip, we aimed at gathering leading blockchain projects and community members together to interact and discuss the ideas with local blockchain enthusiasts.

We were pleased and honored to invite the founder and CEO of VeChain, Sunny Lu. He first provided VeChain’s perspectives that real business applications is the next key step to drive valuable transactions for blockchain industry. Then, he introduced how VeChainThor Blockchain-based solution — — VeChain ToolChain lower the threshold of adopting blockchain technology for enterprises. The solution comes with a variety of general-purpose interfaces, with which anyone, even those without any tech background, can build their own blockchain-based solutions.

Zhe Yang is a core System & Infrastructure engineer of Conflux. In this meetup, Zhe Yang discussed the highlights of Conflux — “Decentralization& Permissionless”, “Optimal Throughput” and “Optimal Confirmation Latency” with us. He also introduced the high technology and new novel structure Conflux use to solve blockchain’s scalability problem, which facilitate public blockchain to get mass adoption.

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We also had great honor to have Haichao, a researcher at Nervos Network to share with us. He introduced the layered architecture of Nervos Network and explained the technology and algorithms each layer use that strongly support the crypto-economics.

In the future, we will continually make efforts on contributing consensus enhancement, technology evolution and development in the blockchain industry all over the world.

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