OceanEx CryptoCup [Alpha Test] — Compete for 50 Million OCE!

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Dear community members,

After devoting hundreds of hours in development and security test, OceanEx Beta has reached the sprint stage. To thank your patience and support in the past few months, for those community members who can’t wait to know more about the incoming OceanEx Beta before it goes live, we have prepared the “OceanEx CryptoCup [Alpha Test]” for you.

During the CryptoCup [Alpha Test], you will not only be able to explore more about OceanEx’s trading functions and contribute suggestions and ideas to OceanEx Beta, but also get a chance to compete with all other community members in the CryptoCup. Undoubtedly, big prizes are await for big winners in the contest. Don’t miss the chance to win up to 50M OCE we have prepared for all participants.

User Guidance:

During the CryptoCup there are two contests you can participate in and win big prizes: Flash Boys Trading Competition and Smart Investor Competition. Moreover, you can gain extra OCE tokens by contributing valuable suggestion to the platform development. Detailed instruction of CryptoCup is as followed:


  1. Please use your oceanex.pro email address to register on OceanEx Alpha (oceanex.cc) to join CryptoCup.
  2. Make sure your oceanex.pro account pass the KYC so you are eligible to receive the rewards.

Scenario 2 — If you are a new user to OceanEx

  1. Register on oceanex.cc to join CryptoCup.
  2. Use the same email address to register on oceanex.pro and pass the KYC during the contest period so you will be eligible for your rewards.

Note: The rewards of CryptoCup will be distributed to your account on our official website oceanex.pro. Please make sure you have registered both sites with the same email address and finish the Identity Verification (KYC) on oceanex.pro during the Contest Period, otherwise you will not be able to receive the CryptoCup rewards.

Contest tokens:

Contest Period:

OceanEx Alpha will undergo regular system maintenance during 21:00 -22:00 on each day of Nov 8th — Nov 11th. All functions and contests will be suspended during this period.

Contest Trading Pairs:






Testing Trading fees:

In CryptoCup [Alpha Test], there are two contests you can participate in and win big prizes: Flash Boys Trading Competition and Smart Investor Competition.

1. Flash Boys Trading Competition — Trade to win up to 10M OCE

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During the competition, the prize pool of 8,750,000 OCE will be distributed among all participants every 24 hours according to the proportion of their 24 hours trading volume contributing to the platform’s 24 hours trading volume. For example, if your 24 hour trading volume is X, the platform 24 hour trading volume is Y, the daily OCE rewards is Z, your 24 hour OCE rewards will be calculated as X/Y*Z.

Day 1 Prize: 1,750,000 OCE — 22:00, Nov 7th -21:00 , Nov 8th, 2018 (UTC+8)

Day 2 Prize: 1,750,000 OCE — 22:00, Nov 8th -21:00, Nov 9th, 2018 (UTC+8)

Day 3 Prize: 1,750,000 OCE — 22:00, Nov 9th -21:00, Nov 10th, 2018 (UTC+8)

Day 4 Prize: 1,750,000 OCE — 22:00, Nov 10th — 21:00, Nov 11th, 2018 (UTC+8)

Day 5 Prize: 1,750,000 OCE — 22:00, Nov 11th — 21:00, Nov 12th, 2018 (UTC+8)

Note: Professional market makers will be invited to provide liquidity to the contest to make sure 1) the token prices in CryptoCup will reflect the real market prices 2) your buy/sell order at any amount will not affect the market price. The trading volume of market makers will be excluded from the calculation of platform trading volume.

Easter Eggs

2. Smart Investor Competition — Invest to take a share of 30M OCE

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Top 100 talent traders ranked by return of portfolio during the CryptoCup will be rewarded with 10M OCE.

1st Place: 3,000,000 OCE

2nd Place:1,200,000 OCE

3rd Place: 800,000 OCE

4th — 10th Place: 400,000 OCE per investor

11th — 20th Place: 50,000 OCE per investor

21st — 50th Place: 30,000 OCE per investor

51st — 100th Place: 18,000 OCE per investor

If your ranking is out of top 100 you will still be able to receive 2,000 OCE as an encouragement.

Note: Participants need to complete 30 trading transactions during the CryptoCup to be eligible for the rewards. Ranking will be hourly updated.

3. Early Contributor Rewards

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If you encounter any type of bug during your use of OceanEx Alpha or have any suggestion to the development of the platform, please report your finding via our ticket system. We will review your ticket and evaluate it based on its impact to our users and platform (the more detailed information you provide the better we can assess your contribution). Once your submission is recognized you will receive an email notice and will be rewarded with 10,000–500,000 OCE.

Reward Range:

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  1. If more than one participant raise the same issue during the Alpha Test, the participant who file the ticket first will receive Early Contributor Reward.

Important Notice:

  1. After the event, all the prizes will be distributed into your OceanEx account in oceanex.pro within 7 workdays. Therefore, users who haven’t registered an account on oceanex.pro and passed the Identity Verification will need to complete these steps during the CryptoCup. Otherwise you will not be able to receive OCE rewards.
  2. OceanEx will check for duplicate or fake accounts and will not pay out any rewards on these accounts.
  3. All participants can join multiple events and get different prizes at the same time. Market makers will not be able to compete for any prize.
  4. OceanEx reserve the rights to change the terms of CryptoCup at any time due to the risk of fraud or any other factors we deem relevant.

See you in CryptoCup!

OceanEx Team


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