OceanEx Announces Cooperation with Hacken to Boost Cybersecurity through HackenAI

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We are pleased to announce the establishment of a mutual cooperation agreement with cybersecurity-focused company, Hacken, on their upcoming HackenAI product launch. Through the collaboration, both OceanEx and Hacken agree to share a mutual understanding and value through the tagline “Security Upgrade and User Protection”.

HackenAI is a revolutionary, 360° cybersecurity companion app for smartphones and personal computers aimed at increasing awareness of proper personal cybersecurity practices and hygiene. Developed to help keep users’ digital identity and the online world safe, HackenAI is powered by the native HAI token, a digital asset built on the VeChainThor blockchain.

The cooperation between OceanEx and Hacken will help explore the teamwork between the two parties in various aspects, including promoting proper cybersecurity practices through the adoption and advertising of the HackenAI app for OceanEx’s large user base in an effort to further enhance the security and safety of its users. We are pleased to explore further collaboration opportunities with Hacken to improve cybersecurity practices and processes.

We are dedicated to providing our users with a more secure, transparent and smoother trading experience with uncompromising protection of users assets. Our AI algorithms incorporate risk evaluation, monitoring all the users and infrastructure and identifying the potential threat. In addition, AI algorithms incorporate the risk management system, which could help analyse historical data of users, evaluate the risk level of withdrawals and recommend corresponding risk measures based on the requirements. OceanEx has always been committed to achieving security, regulatory compliance, user-friendly, professionalism. The core value of introducing AI technologies into the exchanges industry is to balance the conflicts between user experiences and safe levels so as to make crypto exchanges more competitive.

The adoption of the HackenAI app will enhance the cybersecurity hygiene of its users in many ways. Key features of the HackenAI app include the industry-first CyberBootCamp program, a unique and comprehensive educational program serving as an introductory course on the basics of personal cybersecurity. The app’s planned features include a cryptographically secure Password Manager, a digital asset wallet, multi-factor authentication manager, secure storage drawer, VPN, antivirus, anti-phishing and risk scoring system for installed apps. HackenAI aims to be the essential cybersecurity app for every Internet user in the world. Currently, HackenAI is in its Closed Beta Testing phase, with testing scheduled to begin in March 2020.

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