OceanEx Ambassador 2.0 — Becoming the First Class OceanEx Pilot Whale

OceanEx 2nd anniversary is on the way, we are grateful for your long-time support. At this moment, we are pleased to delegate our committed OPW to be new OceanEx Ambassadors — to further grow OceanEx, be our representative and expand to every corner of the world.

Who is qualified as an OceanEx Ambassador?

OceanEx Ambassadors are selected from OceanEx Pilot Whales. We will select and promote the dedicated Ocean Pilot Whales who have rich business resources and connections in the crypto industry to become OceanEx Ambassadors. Who are dedicated and fully committed to OceanEx and align with OceanEx long term goal and vision.

OceanEx Pilot Whales (OPW) are recruited from existing OceanEx telegram community members. We look for members who are passionate about the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry, and are willing to contribute to the growth and development of OceanEx. More details benefit and how to apply please click here: https://oceanex.medium.com/oceanex-pilot-whale-program-3-0-6ba02cec5da8

OceanEx Ambassador Goals:

1 Improve global brand awareness

2 Explore regional market

3 Refer superior projects

4 Build business network all over the world

OceanEx Ambassador responsibilities:

1 As OceanEx’s official representative to attend regional conferences and meet-ups

2 Explore business cooperation and find suitable resources (active communities and KOLs)

3 Maintain business relationships with all cooperation partners and channels

4 Recommend and process the superior project to get listed on OceanEx

5 Organize online and offline events with OceanEx core team

OceanEx Ambassador benefits:

1 Become OceanEx’s official regional representative

2 Build personal IP & image in the crypto industry to accumulate more industrial resources

3 Premier listing review channel

4 Sponsor regional meetups hosted by Ambassador

5 Get invited to all of our events, as a privileged guest or organizer

6 Commission of new project listing

7 Other incentives will be communicated upon successful promoted

Second Patch of OceanEx Ambassadors:

We are pleased to select and promote 4 dedicated OceanEx Pilot Whales to be our second patch of OceanEx Ambassadors. Congratulations to all! Thanks for the remarkable contributions and works you guys have done for building and enabling the OceanEx Ecosystem.

Welcome on board! Here are our new OceanEx Ambassadors below:

We anticipate the Global Ambassador Program to act as a rally point for the crypto enthusiasts who can build the business network for further expansion of OceanEx. We encourage and welcome all OceanEx Pilot Whales to become our ambassadors and share your enthusiasm for OceanEx. Let’s build OceanEx the best global exchange!

OceanEx Team




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