OceanEx 1.0 (Beta) Prelaunch — A Letter From Nan

To OceanEx Community and #VeFAM,

It has been quite a run. Luckily, joining #VeFAM was one of the best business decisions I have ever made in my career.

We are a new team. As a veteran, from my past 5 years experiences in the crypto space, the most important thing I learned is to stay humble and always vigilant. When I assembled the team, I looked for people with experiences, skills, backgrounds, and qualities from traditional financial firms, investment banks, traditional exchanges, and etc. Our goal is to provide the most legitimate and compliant exchange to bridge the gap between the traditional business side and crypto world.

We were trying to be over cautious in terms of system security. As many of you are aware that we are under the bullets of the policy and regulation impact, and we have been facing challenges to this bear market along with every project in the market. That being said, we want to reassure you all that OceanEx, along with our brothers and sisters of VeFAM, will not make any compromises to our services and keep the interests of our community above all else.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to all of you for your patience, understanding, and support, on behalf of the entire OceanEx team, thank you! The one thing I can promise you is that we will push forward to keep growing, keep building, and keep delivering.

When Sunny called me to ask me how you think about the exchange situations in the market about one year ago, I know what he was asking for and it was really not an easy decision. We shared the same vision about blockchain technology and knew that the only way to drive for mass adoption is to not cut any corners and climb to the summit the hard way. A legitimate crypto exchange will play a very important role in the VeChain ecosystem not only to serve the ecosystem projects but also as an onramp for traditional enterprises. We shall make the most difficult part, listing and trading for every crypto project easy in VeFAM. That’s exactly what Sunny asked.

And I will do it, with my sweat and blood, with the devotion of everyone of my team, and with faith to VeFAM.

Step by step, we are committed to our mission and roadmap, even if sometimes, we have to sacrifice expedience for quality. We could never be cautious enough when the topic goes to the security of assets of users. The widespread acceptance of digital assets and blockchain technology has presented us the best opportunity to focus on delivering a best-in-class trading experience to the community. By sticking to our roots of staying open and humble, we continue to collaborate with the VeChain Thor blockchain and aim to empower the entire ecosystem.

Now it is time to announce that OceanEx Beta with trading functions will officially launch on November 30th, 2018! I welcome and encourage veteran as well as new community members to participate in the Beta and experience first-hand new features we have been working on. Additional information on the Beta launch will be released later on.

Proud of being part of VeFAM and let’s hit the road!


Xiaoning Nan on behalf of OceanEx team

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