OceanEx AMA — 1.0

Thanks for participating in our first AMA! We have received more than one hundred questions covering many areas. We have sorted questions into categories so that we can answer as many questions as possible. Meanwhile, we have removed duplicative questions, and tried to focus on the most representative questions, which we have listed below:

  • Token Listing related:

A: OCE will be listed in Q1 2019. We understand your anticipation and appreciate your patience. Please stay tuned for further updates which will be issued soon.

A: Other VeFam projects will be listed once both parties are ready to initiate the listing. We can not disclose the listing time at this moment.

A: Starting from Q2 2019, we will consider listing projects outside the VeChain Ecosystem that meet our listing criteria: sufficient trading volume; community engagement and quality; and solid use cases and deployment plan. XRP and LTC as mentioned in the question, are both under consideration.

  • OCE Tokenomics

A: A brief overview of tokenomics of OCE was introduced in our first announcement in May 2018. More details will be soon announced before the OCE listing in Q1 2019.

A: Based on our compliance policies and requirements. We do not intend to increase the withdrawal limit for non-KYC users. We encourage you to submit KYC and we have competitive wait times for approval.

A: Instead of releasing a whitepaper as we planned before, we decided to give our community and users a monthly update regarding our development roadmap and operational status starting in March. We think this can give our community and users a better picture of our dynamic development plan.

We have been analyzing different order types as we want to provide users with the tools to improve their trading experience. Currently, stop limit/market orders are in our roadmap. Trailing stop and combination orders are also on our watch list.

A: We are still working on the prototype of Crypto Bento. Its release will be postponed. Due to the enormous development workloads, we are having now with other trading functions. All details will be announced once it is finalized.

The details of Whales Club will be announced when we launch the OceanEx 2.0 by the end of Q1. It is coming soon.

A: OceanEx is a digital asset trading platform and is not engaged in the business of ATM manufacturing.

A: Developing a decentralized exchange is on our watchlist. Currently, our major efforts focus on providing the best centralized exchange service to our customers first.

A: OceanEx’s strategic partners include: VeChain Foundation, FENBUSHI Capital and CertiK.

A: It is one of the top items on our development roadmap. We will release it when our technical team is satisfied with its quality.

A: We are not aware of any updates regarding VTHO futures

A: OceanEx Beta version launched on November 30th, 2018. With the tokens listed so far, we have reached the top 3 VET trading volume among all exchanges. Moving forward, our trading volume is on track to steadily increase as we continue to expand our platform.

A: OceanEx is within the VeChain ecosystem and is one of the VeFam projects. However, the general blockchain industry is expansive and we will bring more quality projects to our users regardless of their VeChain focus.

A: We have been developing a tool to pull all historical transactions of a user in a certain year upon the user’s request. This will be soon available to all users.

A: 7/10. We are satisfied with the result of our current marketing campaigns and we have been constantly upgrading them based on their statistics and feedbacks from our users. We feel marketing campaigns in this sector are usually uninformative and sometimes look like a “cut and paste” job. We want to make something different so people do not just come for the prizes but rather to share it with their friends because they like the concepts and designs.

A: The next phase of our security measures includes advanced data-driven security where our artificial intelligence module OceanBrain will learn from internal data flow and automatically terminate any detected threats

A: 50 employees, globally.

A: Institution registration is open to enterprises and government collaborations. Please refer to https://support.oceanex.pro/hc/en-us/articles/360021593352-Institutional-Registration-is-Officially-Open

A: We do not fake volume. There are API users running their market making trading strategy on the exchange to profit from bid/ask spreads by providing liquidity. By doing so, they may need to place both bid/ask orders at the same price/time to provide price guidance to attract more users’ attention and then place bid/ask limit orders near the last-traded price, hoping more users trade with them (they can arbitrage between different exchanges). These users are providing liquidity to other users.

A: Yes, we will have a similar product coming in the near future.

A: You can expect it later this year.

Please stay tuned and follow us on our official channels:

Twitter — https://twitter.com/OceanexOfficial

Telegram — https://t.me/OceanEx_Official



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