OCE Whitelist Update for the VeChain Community Round

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Given that OceanEx is a proprietary cryptocurrency exchange and asset management platform serving as an exchange within the VeChain Thor ecosystem, the security and issuance of OCE (OceanEx tokens) will be handled with all necessary due diligence. Since the government bodies, financial institutions, liquidity providers, and various other parties are all pledging immense resources to the growth of this platform, OCE must be a New Token Issuance (NTI) above reproach thereby complying with any and all known regulations.

As the NTI approaches it is with great exuberance that we are excited to announce the launch of the OCE NTI whitelisting process. For those of you holding a ERC20 VEN address until further portions of the VET token occur, we will still accept your VEN address in the whitelisting process, however, it is mandatory that you provide an updated VET address to support@bitocean.org before fulfilling your pledged amount.

The amount of interest we have received from potential private, community and public participants has vastly eclipsed the range in which we based our original token maximum offerings. Our goal with OCE is to provide the maximum amount of people (within reason) offerable with enough incentive to become participants in our ecosystem, and we view the NTI as an ample opportunity to promote this cause. With this in mind and due to an extremely high demand we are raising the minimum VET required from 5,000 (50 VEN pre-split) to 50,000 (500 VEN pre-split).

We have determined that the max supply of OCE outstanding will be 10 Billion tokens. This round of issuance will be separated into 2 or 3 tranches (TBD). The Private Round (which has already been filled) and the VeChain Community Round (there will be no Public Round for OCE Token Issuance). 27.5% of all OceanEX tokens minted will be issued to Private and VeChain Community round participants, for a total of 4,125,000 VeChain Tokens raised, the total valuation of all OCE tokens is 15,000,000 VET tokens.

There might be another round of special token issuance tranche of 2.5% tokens if and when the management team deem it necessary closer to the time of the launch of our platform. In all rounds of token issuance, only VET Tokens will be accepted for our Token Issuance.

Though the private sale allocation has been filled, there are means in which we can negotiate possible participation. If you are a party who can add immense value to the OceanEx platform and wish to participate in the private sale please contact: support@bitocean.org. Please provide your background and potential value added; a team member will schedule a phone call if you pass the initial screening process.

The full version of the white paper, liquidity and investment partners, along with more detailed plans of the NTI process will be released in Q3. Please stay tuned.

Whitelist Entrance:https://www.bitocean.org/whitelist.html

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