[Update] OCE Club (Beta) — Serving Our Token Holders With Unparalleled Trading Experience

*Originally published on March 28th, 2019; Updated on March 29th, 2019

Based on the feedback from the community yesterday, we have thoroughly assessed the membership structure and benefits again. The OCE Membership Program is updated to enhance the membership experience. Appreciate all your support and timely feedback. We will continuously improve in the OCE Club in the future.

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In anticipation of the listing of OceanEx’s platform token- OCE on March 31st, we are pleased to announce that OCE Club (Beta) is launching on April 2nd! To show our appreciation for all token holders’ recognition and belief in OceanEx’s long-term development, OCE Club aims to boost OCE tokenomics by maximizing the benefits for our token holders. We sincerely invite all community members to join our tailored OCE Club and enjoy various perks as our valued members!

OCE Club is designated to facilitate the robust OCE tokenomics with the combination of exchange operations and community engagement. In order to build the OCE ecosystem and to meet the expectations and demands of OCE token holders at all levels, we have designed different levels in OCE Club Membership Program based on the amount of OCE each user holds. By joining the OCE Club, you will become eligible for not only various benefits but can also participate in unique campaigns and events!

OCE Club Privileges Package

OCE Club (Beta) currently contains two parts — Member Benefit Center and Member Event Center. To better support OCE tokenomics, OCE Club (Beta) provides members with robust privilege features which will include but not limit to Referral Program, Transaction Fee Discount Program and Crypto Farm. Among these features, Crypto Farm is a specialized financial investment program, aiming at bringing users with diverse digital asset investment products. Detailed information on respective feature will be disclosed shortly.

Meanwhile, all OCE Club members are free to join our specialized events. OceanEx flagship events such as Flash Boy Trading Competition, Smart Investor Competition, Got Talent, and Team Assemble will be upgraded to serve all OCE Club members better. Some of the upgraded features and benefits are available for members only. We will announce detailed information about each event upon the launching of each campaign.

OCE Club Membership Structure

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OCE Club Membership Program has five levels plus one particular class (Pilot Whale). Each class (besides Pilot Whale) requires a certain amount of OCE holding to be eligible for the features set up for that level. Please refer to the diagram below for detailed information of privileges for each level of OCE Club memberships.

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(Membership Structure & Benefits updated on August 13th, 2019)

Special OCE Club Membership — Pilot Whale:

To express our sincere appreciation for all the devoted OceanEx Pilot Whales’ long-term supports, we have reserved a particular class for them. Community members automatically become eligible for all benefits on this level once recognized as OceanEx Pilot Whale.

More to come

OCE Club (Beta) is just a starting point of the OCE Ecosystem we are building now. As OCE Club continues to grow, more features and tailored events will be provided to our members to 1) constantly improve your benefits of holding OCE and 2) make sure the more OCE you hold the more services/benefits you will enjoy in our exchange.

Again, thanks for your supports to OceanEx all along the way. We hope you enjoy the OCE Club. We will keep upgrading it so please let us know if you have any questions or feedback, and stay tuned for more exciting updates.

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