Letter from Xiaoning Nan to VeFam and OceanExer — upon the Celebration of VeChainThor Blockchain Launch One-Year Anniversary

Dear VeFam and OceanExer,

It has been a fruitful year for all VeFam since VeChainThor Blockchain launched on June 30th, 2018. As a leading AI-powered digital assets exchange within VeChain ecosystem, OceanEx has kept closely tied to and profound partnership with VeChain by providing the community with the most secure and professional trading experience. Since establishment, VeChain has well flourished and now is ranking top 30 by market capitalization within the world’s cryptocurrency industry. We are honored to develop hand in hand with VeChain to build the ecosystem, and to the more significant extent of the whole blockchain industry.

To celebrate the anniversary, and appreciate all VeFam’s support, OceanEx announces to launch the new function- VeChain Thor X Node Holders Binding Function on OceanEx trading platform. With the support of this new function, all node holders will be able to enjoy a variety of privileges on OceanEx. VeFam can expect — a premium max lockup amount in OceanEx CryptoFarm product subscription, privilege in the upcoming “OceanEx Go!” (IEO launchpad service), and more to come! More tailored benefits are coming soon, please stay tuned! Detailed information, please visit here. Besides, OceanEx will kick off the VeChain mainnet launch one-year anniversary special campaign- Diamond Digger:

We have well prepared a series of puzzles, to be posted each on Twitter for VeFam to decode. Combine all the answers to each puzzle together, will appear to be a mnemonics to obtain the final BIG PRIZE of 163K VET that we have deposited in the VeChainThor Wallet in advance! There are also extra bonuses for all participants who answer each question correctly. More details, please follow our official Twitter @OceanexOfficial on June 24th. Hint for the puzzle- familiar yourself with all milestones VeChain had gone through since VeChain Mainnet Launch last year!

In the meanwhile, “The Call of VeThor Campaign Part.2 — VTHO Medal Program” is still open, please don’t hesitate to participate in sharing a prize pool of all trading fees that OceanEx charges from VTHO related trading pairs during the corresponding VTHO Medal Competition Period, and an extra 2M VTHO supported by VeChain in each VTHO Medal Competition Period. You will also get 2x VTHO generation speed for at most 10M VET deposited in OceanEx account. More details, please visit here:

VeFam’s support and opinions value the most to OceanEx and VeChain ecosystem, we appreciate all and hope you can enjoy the celebration of the anniversary! In the future, OceanEx will continue to offer better products and services to all OceanExer and witness more fantastic moments together.

#TogetherWeCanAchieveMore, greatest appreciation to all VeFam’s support!



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