Happy Two Year Anniversary to OceanEx!

It’s probably fair to say that 2020 has been a tough year for all of us and filled with fear, uncertainty, and influence to the daily routines. But you are not alone, OceanEx is here to connect the global crypto community with our dedicated service, 24/7 hard working and commitment of safe asset protection. Two years ago, Xiaoning Nan established OceanEx as the Next Generation Intelligent Digital Asset Exchange. Here is a speech statement from OceanEx CEO Xiaoning Nan on this special occasion:

Dear all OceanExers,

Today is our 2nd anniversary on November 30th, 2020. I know 2020 is a tough year, but all of us never quit and devote our overall effort into building and enabling OceanEx.

Our beloved community and users have been the driving power for our evolution and probably just about every landmark we achieved and every challenge we overcame. Since day one, our vision has always been to Connect Global Crypto Community with the Best Trading Experience.

Meanwhile we recognize infrastructure is a fundamental way to reach this goal, and we work so hard to make sure that all of our products and services contribute in some way to reach our vision. Last 2 years were the foundation building phase for us. Now we have evolved into much more than just a crypto to crypto trading exchange.

We are celebrating the positive contribution we have made, honoring our evolution, and expressing our gratitude to you — our users, supporters, partners and community. Thank you very much for your long-time support. Let’s unite and fight together in upcoming 2021!

-Xiaoning Nan

The 2nd year of OceanEx goal is about the foundation building. Our mission is building the infrastructure for crypto in tomorrow’s world. This includes our core businesses such as spot trading, futures trading, fiat gateways, wallets, and much more to come. During 2020, the OceanEx team dedicated to building stronger foundations and united communities.

We review the 2nd year of OceanEx, here’s a recap of how far we’ve come:

The combination of growth and build has led OceanEx to new heights in the crypto industry. OceanEx has ranked No.27on CoinGecko’s top cryptocurrency spot exchanges this summer. In March, OceanEx GO! successfully launched the new project — HackenAI (HAI). Until now the number of digital assets on OceanEx has grown to 48 tokens across 85 trading pairs. Furthermore, we launched DeFi Zone both on web and APP in September.

While not very noticeable from the outside, OceanEx has also made significant upgrades to exchange infrastructure- exclusive AI risk management framework. Professor Jiayu Zhou, Co-founder and CTO of OceanEx has released a paper detailing SHORELINE, a deep-learning framework that estimates the optimal threshold of hot wallets from historical wallet activities and dynamic trading networks. Its major use case details a process that would mitigate risk from cyber criminals and hackers on cryptocurrency exchanges.

OceanEx also launched Hummingbot trading and new API to offer professional trading experience in June. The updated Non-subscription new API which is a query-based websocket API. It provides the same level of OceanEx REST API. It allows users perform operations such as new orders, order cancel, order status query and order history query. The key advantage of the API is that it is much faster and more stable than REST API.

In 2020, OceanEx CryptoFarm is now fully upgraded and Shark Fin structured product has been launched in April. It provides users of long-term value investment with one more choice and meanwhile gains higher expected annualized return than other financial products, which is no doubt more attractive. Among 41 rounds of successful CryptoFarm products, there are 32 Shark Fin products with the highest annualized return was 25.31%.

2nd year was also when OceanEx continued building and completing our fiat-to-crypto gateways. We opened Australian Dollar (AUD), British Pound Sterling (GBP) and Euro (EUR) channels in March. In August, OceanEx “Buy Crypto” has opened Canadian Dollar(CAD), Hong Kong Dollar(HKD), Russian Ruble(RUB), Czech Koruna(CZK), Danish Krone (DKK), Norwegian Krone(NOK), Swedish Krona(SEK), Turkish Lira(TRY) and Zloty (PLN) channel. Now you can buy crypto with AUD, GBP, EUR, CAD, HKD, RUB, CZK, DKK, NOK, SEK, TRY, USD, PLN in BuyCrypto Instantly. To better serve global users OceanEx offers low transaction fees which only charge 1% to 2%. OceanEx also provides a fast payment process and the transaction will be completed within about 30 minutes.

OceanEx launched a brand new product OceanEx Pay on September 11th, 2020. OceanEx Pay is a payment system that allows merchants to use OceanEx as custodian service and accepts cryptos. For merchants, they can accept payments of various cryptos in a safe, fast, and freeway from global customers. Now, we are focusing on the business cooperation with the e-commerce SaaS platforms to offer more use cases for OCE and other tokens in the VeChain ecosystem.

To thank all OCE holders’ continuous support and to empower the OCE ecosystem, we executed our 5th OCE Burn of removing 157,291,855 OCE from total market supply in October. Cumulative OCE token burn up till 30 September 2020 amounts to 1,188,243,887.6 OCE. OceanEx will burn OCE revenues until the total circulating supply of OCE is reduced to 7 billion.

In the near future, we will devote more features to complete users’ trading experience. We put our emphasis on developing the following features:

OceanEx NFT Gallery

OceanEx NFT Gallery is designed for our loyal and committed OceanExers to discover and collect limited and exclusive digital artworks powered by VeChain main net. To celebrate the 2nd birthday with OCE holders and supporters together, we issued the first NFT collection- OceanEx 2nd Anniversary Limited NFTs. This collection includes 10 pieces of artworks, each artwork has been minted to 10 NFTs, added up to 100 NFTs in total. Marine creatures, myth, history and art are the sources of inspiration for the first collection.

Crypto-to-Euro Gateway

In no time, Crypto-to-Euro Gateway will be implemented to BuyCrypto. Users will be able to sell Bitcoin to Euro in seconds. This euro fiat gateway offers a friendly way for withdrawing in the SEPA area, while the Euro can be arrived in your account instantly. Moreover, there is no trading fee taken from us, only 0.5 % fee in each sell transaction charged by Simplex who is our partner.

Crypto Loans

OceanEx will offer an easy way to borrow crypto. Simply get a loan secured by your digital assets. You don’t have to sell your crypto to get cash. At OceanEx, we let you borrow funds against your digital assets so you can get a loan while continuing to hold. Firstly, OceanEx Loans support the borrowing of several cryptos, including VET, BTC, ETH and USDT. Meanwhile, we accept VET, BTC, ETH and USDT as collateral.

As we look toward the horizon and double-down on our commitment to our community and all OceanExers, we do so with integrity, enthusiasm and determination to continue to move the needle forward for development and evolution. Our substantial progress in two years period is an indication of our capacity to continuously enable, innovate, grow and extend our business to a next level.

Keep voyage on!

OceanEx Team


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