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To thank all the enthusiastic OceanExers out there for your long-time support, we are excited to announce that our new “OceanEx GO!” project with HackenAI is on! Powered by the HAI token, HackenAI is a revolutionary companion that protects your cybersecurity. Now is your chance to complete this fun HAI One-Way Challenge and split the prize pools of 30000 HAI!

Campaign Info:

In this One-Way contest, each participant can only answer each question one time.

Be careful with your choices, because once you make up your decision, there is no chance of going back!

The first 100 users who complete all the questions will get double points!

Time Period: 18:00, Apr 7th — 18:00, Apr 12th (UTC+8)

Venue: OceanEx Official Telegram group (


Users split different prize pools based on corresponding ranking of total scores.

Top 100:20000 HAI

101-all participants: 10000 HAI

Event Bot Guidance:

Step 1:

Click the bot link:;

Step 2:

Enter “/start”and then “/hai” order to the bot to start your challenge;

Step 3:

Submit your OceanEx registered email account to the bot after you finish all the challenges.


1. Users can discuss and exchange their answers at will in the community group, but please be noted that only the first 100 participants who complete all the 5 questions will get double points.

2. Participants can send “/point” to the bot to check your points.

3. Winners will not be eligible for the rewards if there are any cheating behaviors.

4. OceanEx reserves the rights of final explanation.

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