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Spring is on its way and so are our Easter Treasure Hunt Events!

Starting on April 11th, OceanEx will post tweets where hints of the day are hidden. To win the easter egg prize each day, follow & pay attention to OceanEx official Twitter account @OceanexOfficial, follow the clues, find out the answer and send it to the community bot!

Time Period: 18:00, Apr 11th — 18:00, Apr 14th (UTC+8)

Venue: OceanEx Official Telegram group (


Day 1: Split a prize pool of 200,000 OCE

Day 2: Split a prize pool of 200,000 OCE

Day 3: Split a prize pool of 200,000 OCE

For those who participate for all 3 days and submit the correct answers, will split another prize pool of 400,000 OCE!

The answer for today lies in the picture below! To help you ease in, here’s an extra bonus hint (It is an OceanEx platform PRODUCT).

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Event Bot Guidance:

Step 1:

Search @OceanEx_Bot in OceanEx official group (;

Step 2:

Enter “/start”and then “/easter” order to the bot to submit your answer;

Step 3:

Submit your OceanEx registered email account to the bot after submitting the answer.


1. Users can discuss and exchange their answers at will in the community group.

2. Participants only have two chances to submit their answer for each task.

3. If you have missed the previous tasks, you can only participate in the next one.

4. Winners will not be eligible for the rewards if there are any cheating behaviors.

5. OceanEx reserves the rights of final explanation.

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