OceanEx Community Event- Deep Sea Round Table

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To help build a better OceanEx platform, we can’t go without community members’ contribution of ideas. The other Thursday* join us at the OceanEx Deep Sea Round Table, share your comments/suggestions with the OceanEx team and community. You might get a chance to win a prize we have prepared for you!

The topic of the first week — What features/functions do you want to see the most in OceanEx?and your reason?

Event Period: 10:30 am -20:00 pm

Format: Format: #DSRT+ Content

Location: OceanEx Official Telegram Group

Prize: If your comment/suggestion is endorsed by @OceanEx_Whale, you will receive 300 VET as our appreciation

Event details:

1. Share your thoughts regarding the topic in the format mentioned above

2. Endorse other community members’ comments/suggestions by giving a 👍

3. If the comment/suggestion you share is endorsed by community members and the team, you will have a chance to get a 👍 from @OceanEx_Whale and receive a prize after the event.

4. If your comment/suggestion is endorsed by @OceanEx_Whale, please contact us with your telegram account (PM @OceanEx_Whale) and provide your OceanEx email account to us. We will distribute all the rewards to the winners’ accounts within 7 working days after the event ends.

5. Selected comment/suggestion will be shared among our official OceanEx telegram.

*Update on March 12th: Team decides to adjust the frequency from weekly to biweekly. In order to better digest and realize good suggestions, Deep See Round Table will be held on a biweekly basis. Next DSRT is on March 21st.

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