Decoding “ OceanBrain” — The Artificial Intelligence Securing OceanEx

TL;DR — OceanEx embraces cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology in order to secure user’s digital asset in their crypto exchange. The AI component of OceanEx called OceanBrain builds deep learning models from the temporal market data in OceanEx and uses them to detect outliers. Deep learning is currently among the most powerful machine learning paradigms and is being used extensively in our daily lives with engine and recommender systems, as well as cutting-edge research including autonomous driving.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The fusion of cryptography and networking technology gave birth to the blockchain, a decentralized and distributed ledger that is currently serving as infrastructures for thousands of exciting dApps on various blockchain iterations. The private and public key design of blockchain makes it virtually impossible for existing computing power to crack a blockchain using brute-force force thanks to cryptographically sound security proofs. The implementation of this secured architecture has lead to an abundance in variety of digital assets from different blockchains, and the cryptocurrency exchanges have played a vital role in bridging the supply and demand for this relatively new asset-class.

Exchange Security

OceanEx faces precisely the same set of challenges of other centralized exchanges namely platform-security. From the early grand heist of Mt Gox in 2014 to the more recent hacks of Coincheck, Binance, and CoinPark — security breaches never fail to understandably ignite blockchain communities when significant financial loss to individual platform customers occur and includes a significant price-depression in the cryptocurrency market.

OceanBrain - AI for Exchange Security

Maybe we cannot guarantee perfect software, but we take a proactive approach and always closely monitor what happens inside the platform, search for suspicious activities, and secure the exchange vault and shut down the entrance before the hackers get away. Such a monitoring system is as easy to implement as a software component, but what makes it difficult is deciding the patterns that define abnormal activities. Indeed human experts can define rules to use patterns, but such practices can hardly be comprehensive and adaptive to unknown future attacks.


AI serves as a powerful tool providing an extra security layer in addition to all existing human designed security measures protecting exchanges. By continuously experiencing the market and analyzing the large volume of user activities, OceanBrain learns complicated security patterns that are impossible for experts to summarize and anticipate. Every day we wake up, OceanEx becomes stronger and more robust against malicious activities.

The AI-powered Next Generation Intelligent Digital Asset Exchange Ecosystem