BTC Shark Fin (01/28/2021) — Earn up to 19.6% Annualized Expected Return

In traditional finance, shark fin structured products have existed for a long time and have been widely used in various underlying assets. OceanEx shark fin structured products follows the basic logic of traditional shark fin structured products and uses cryptocurrency instead as the underlying assets. It provides users of long-term value investment with one more choice and meanwhile gains higher expected annualized return than other financial products, which is no doubt more attractive.

Shark Fin product — Shark BTC 6-Day 01/28

Product Venue:

Subscription time: 16:00, Jan. 28th to 18:00,Jan. 30th, 2021 (UTC+8)

Lock-up Period: 20:00,Jan. 30th to 20:00, Feb. 5th, 2021 (UTC+8) (6 days)

Latest Return Settlement Date:18:00, Feb. 6th, 2021 (UTC+8)

Total Lock-up Amount: 30BTC

Max. lock-up amount per user depends on your OCE Club Membership Level when you subscribe for the product, details are listed below:

Expected annualized returns:

Case 1: 3% If the price of BTC has been less than (or equal to) $29500 or greater than ( or equal to) $34500 during the lock-up period, the investor will obtain the expected annual return of 3%.

Case 2: 17.2%~19.6%

If the price of BTC has always been in the range of $29500 ~ $34500 during the lock-up period, the investor will obtain the expected annual return of 17.2%~19.6% based on the BTC price.


• Subscription can’t be terminated in advance once you subscribe for the product.

• In order to maximize the benefits of users, if the market fluctuates sharply before the value date, we will adjust the hook range of OceanEx shark fin products to the best range according to the situation, please feel free to purchase the product.

• Observed Price: BTC / USD index price at Deribit exchange

• Gains will be calculated from the start date of lock-up period. Initial assets and gains will be transferred within 3 working days to users’ accounts after the end of lock-up period.

• During the promotion period, there are no fees applied to this product.

• OceanEx reserves the rights of final explanation.

• Please refer to CryptoFarm Subscription Guide to help you better understand how to participate in CryptoFarm products clearly.

Thanks for your support! Looking forward to your participation!

Risk Warning: OceanEx provides a digital asset exchange platform. Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high risks and please be cautious about investing in the market.

OceanEx Team


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The AI-powered Next Generation Intelligent Digital Asset Exchange Ecosystem

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OceanEx Official

OceanEx Official

The AI-powered Next Generation Intelligent Digital Asset Exchange Ecosystem

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