Bitcoin Pizza Day: Join OceanEx Pizza Party to Get Your Pizza Coupon

May 22nd is known in the cryptocurrency community as Bitcoin Pizza Day, as it marks the date in 2010 when the first real-life Bitcoin transaction was made. Now OceanEx buys you a pizza, completing the tasks to get yourself the pizza coupon!

Event Time: 22:00 May 20th – 21:00 May 23rd, 2020 (UTC+8)

Completing tasks: 22:00, May 20th – 21:00, May 22nd

Lucky draw: 21:00, May 22nd – 21:00, May 23rd

Venue: OceanEx official telegram group (


25,000 OCE for 40 lucky users each


Task 1: Invite 3 friends to OceanEx official group (

Task 2: Retweet OceanEx’s “Bitcoin pizza day” tweet or make an original tweet about Bitcoin pizza day with hashtag #BitcoinPizzaDay, #Bitcoin, #OceanEx and #OCEPizzaTime.

Task 3: Share a little story about you and Bitcoin or how you spent your first crypto with “#bitcoinpizzaday” in OceanEx official group (

Event Bot Guidance:

Step 1:

Search @OceanEx_Bot in OceanEx official group (;

Step 2:

Enter “/start”and then “/pizza” order to the bot to join the event;

Step 3:

For all the tasks, you only need to submit the twitter link (task 2) and forward the message that you sent in the group (task 3) to the bot;

Step 4:

Submit your OceanEx registered email account to the bot after completing the task.

Step 5:

Send “/pizza” on 21:00, May 22nd to do the lucky draw.


  1. Only participants who completed their tasks can do the lucky draw.

2. Winners need to pass KYC before May 24th to get the rewards.

3. Participants please do not change your telegram or twitter username during the event period.

4. Winners will not be eligible for the rewards if there are any cheating behaviors.

5. OceanEx reserves the rights of final explanation.

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