#BestWishestoVeFam2019 New Year Postcard Campaign

— Share Your Wishes to Take a Piece of 2M VET & 2M OCE!

Dear users,

New Year 2019 is around the corner. We want to take this opportunity to unite all the VeFam projects and our community members to join the #BestWishestoVeFam2019 Campaign in which you can give your new year’s wishes to the people and the projects you love. Selected postcards will be promoted in our Wish Wall and VeFam social channels. Each postcard will also have a chance to win up to 11,500 VET & 11,000 OCE and be recorded in VeChain Thor Blockchain permanently. Let’s make VeChain Ecosystem the warmest and the most united blockchain community during the New Year 2019!

Make your VeFam 2019 New Year Postcard to Take a Piece of 2M VET & 2M OCE!

#BestWishestoVeFam2019 Campaign website link: https://oceanex.pro/2019wish

We have prepared 10 different postcard themes for you including: VeFam, VeChain, OceanEx, Safe Haven, Plair, Dbet, Cecil, CAHrenheit, Tic Talk, and AQUA.

Community members can customize your postcard by picking one of the themes and writing down your New Year wish to anyone you like. Once you sent your postcard and share it in your social media with the hashtag #BestWishestoVeFam2019 and event link https://oceanex.pro/2019wish, VeFam project teams will be able to see them and select their favorite postcards. OceanEx will upload all the selected postcards on the New Year 2019 Wish Wall. Selected postcards will get the chance to take a piece of 2M VET & 2M OCE!

Rewards Levels:

  1. If your postcard is selected by a VeFam project team and posted in 2019 New Year Wish Wall (https://oceanex.pro/2019wish), you will be rewarded with 1,500 VET + 1,000 OCE per postcard.
  2. Besides, at the end of the campaign, every project team can select 4 postcards they love the most and post them on their official social media channels (such as twitter and telegram). All the Project Team’s Favorite Picks will be rewarded with 10,000 VET + 10,000 OCE per pick.

How to participate in #BestWishestoVeFam2019 New Year Postcard Campaign:

Step 1: Start to make your postcard

  • During 12:00 pm, Dec 29th, 2018 to 12:00 pm, Jan 4th, 2019 (UTC+8), login to your oceanex.pro account and visit the event website link: https://oceanex.pro/2019wish.
  • Choose one of the project themes for your postcard, write down your New Year wish to anyone you like and upload an image with SQUARE SIZE shown on the postcard. Otherwise, your image will be cut into square size automatically.
  • Please be noticed that the image must be in JPG/JPEG/PNG format, and no larger than 5M.

Step 2: Submit your postcard

  • Submit your postcard to us by clicking the “send” button after preview.
  • After you submitted the postcard, one TxID will be generated automatically and shown on your postcard.
  • Please be noticed each user can submit 3 postcards at most.

Step 3: Share your postcard to social media channels:

  • Share your postcard with the hashtag #BestWishestoVeFam2019 and event link @https://oceanex.pro/2019wish to the social media channels like Twitter, Ins etc. You can also tag OceanEx or other related projects’ official accounts so we can find them easier
  • After that, your postcard will be most likely to be posted on the wish wall and get rewards.

Step 4: Internal review for all postcards

All the sent postcard will be reviewed by OceanEx and all VeFam project teams. We will select the ones we love and post them on the Wish Wall.

Step 5: Publish Winners’ postcards on the New Year 2019 Wish Wall

  • OceanEx will publish winners’ postcards on our event website https://oceanex.pro/2019wish. All the postcards on the New Year 2019 Wish Wall will be rewarded with 1,500 VET + 1,000 OCE per postcard.
  • OceanEx with all the project teams will pick total 40 postcards we love the most from the Wish Wall and post them to our official social media channels (such as twitter, telegram, etc). The 40 postcards picked by us will get extra 10,000 VET + 10,000 OCE per postcard.

Step 6: Distribute the prizes

We will distribute corresponding rewards into winners’ accounts within 7 workdays after the whole event ends.


By uploading an image you grant OceanEx and our affiliates the right to use such image for this promotion. You agree not to upload offensive or inappropriate content. We reserve the right to remove any content we deem offensive or inappropriate in our sole discretion.

Important Notice:

OceanEx reserves the rights of final explanation.

Thanks for your support! Looking forward to your participation!

OceanEx Team