A Thanksgiving Gift from OceanEx — Trade to win 1.5M OCE

It’s the time of year: Thanksgiving Day. We have prepared an event for all OceanExers, trade on OceanEx to win a share of 1.5M OCE prize pool!

Starting from today and lasting until Dec 4th, you will be able to win a ticket to do the lucky draw by trading at least 500 USDT in all trading pairs. 30 lucky users will win 50,000 OCE each!

Event period: 18:00 Nov 26th — 18:00 Dec 4th, 2020 (UTC+8)

Trading time:18:00 Nov 26th — 18:00 Dec 1st, 2020 (UTC+8)

Fill in the application form: 18:00 Nov 26th — 18:00 Dec 2nd, 2020 (UTC+8)

Lucky draw:18:00 Dec 3rd — 18:00 Dec 4th, 2020 (UTC+8)

How to participate:

  1. Trade on oceanex.pro (Spot only) during 18:00, Nov 26th — 18:00, Dec 1st (UTC+8) with an amount at least 500 USDT to win a ticket to join the lucky draw.
  2. With each more 500 USDT in your trading amount, you will earn 1 more lucky draw ticket.
  3. Submit your info via https://forms.gle/3a5BSu8WwE1NSiqs9 before 18:00, Dec 2nd(UTC+8).
  4. Join OceanEx official telegram group (https://t.me/OceanEx_Official)
  5. Send “/luckydraw” to @oceanExOfficialBot during 18:00, Dec 3rd — 18:00, Dec 4th(UTC+8) to start your lucky draw.
  6. If you have traded more than 500 USDT during event period, you can send “/luckydraw” again to the bot. For example, if your trading amount during event period is 2100 USDT, you will have 4 lucky draw tickets which means you can send “/luckydraw” 4 times to the bot.
  7. Participants can send “/prize” to the bot to check your rewards.


  1. Rewards will be distributed within 14 working days after the event.
  2. OceanEx reserves the right of final explanation.

We wish all the best to our OceanExers around the globe during this time.

Looking forward to your participation!



Please stay tuned and follow us on our official channels:

Twitter — https://twitter.com/OceanexOfficial

Telegram — https://t.me/OceanEx_Official

Telegram Germany — https://t.me/OceanEx_German_Official

Telegram Dutch — https://t.me/oceanexNL_dutch_official

Telegram Vietnam — https://t.me/OceanEx_Vietnam_Official

Telegram Mandarin — https://t.me/OceanEx_Mandarin_Official

Telegram Indian- https://t.me/OceanEx_Indian_Official

Medium — https://medium.com/@OceanEx

Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/OceanExPROOfficial

Reddit — https://www.reddit.com/r/OceanExOfficial/




The AI-powered Next Generation Intelligent Digital Asset Exchange Ecosystem

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OceanEx Official

OceanEx Official

The AI-powered Next Generation Intelligent Digital Asset Exchange Ecosystem

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