9th Quarterly OCE Burn Complete (Q3 2021)

Dear OceanExers,

To thank all OCE holders’ continuous support and to empower the OCE ecosystem, we are pleased to announce our 9th OCE Burn of removing 128,345,982 OCE from total market supply. Cumulative OCE token burn up till 30th September 2021 amounts to 1,897,103,099.6 OCE. OceanEx will burn OCE revenues until the total circulating supply of OCE is reduced to 7 billion. Please stay tuned.

The details of 9th OCE Burn

9th OCE Burn (Q3 2021) Amount: 128,345,982OCE.

9th OCE Burn (Q3 2021) includes: (1) trading fee in OCE from all OCE related trading pairs; (2) withdrawal fee in OCE; (3) OCE received from Trading Fee Discount program from July 1st to September 30th, 2021.

Burn Address:


Burn Record (TXID): 0x23b662bf5626796c37883e7cb60b3c9ebd045dec0ad773028cac88f038104c65

OCE Circulation Information

Max Supply: 10,000,000,000 OCE

Total Supply: 8,102,896,900.4OCE

OceanEx appreciates your support of the OCE ecosystem as always.

OceanEx Team


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