3 Steps to Join OceanEx Affiliate Program – Enjoy Up to 80% Commission

On March 11th OceanEx has announced the launch of OceanEx Affiliate Program featured with a comprehensive background function to assist affiliate agents to carry out directional promotions, facilitate your acceptance rate, and increase your ability to get more direct customers.

The Advantages of OceanEx Affiliate Program’s Backend:

· Common visualization background of spot trading and perpetual contract

· High commission: up to 80% commission from spot trading and up to 70% commission from perpetual contract

· Referral link management and promotion group management

· One-click for reviewing detailed Commission.

In order to make more agents to better understand how to join the affiliate program, OceanEx has prepared a three-step instruction as following:

Step1: Fill out the form

You need to register at OceanEx first before applying for becoming an OceanEx agent. And You need to prove that you are eligible to become an affiliate agent. OceanEx will evaluate applicants’ qualifications in multiple dimensions, such as the community, the number of new invitees, the number of effective subagents, etc. There are ten questions to be answered in the form and please fill out it truthfully. Please click here to fill out the form.

Step 2: Official Manual Review

After completing the form, it will be automatically submitted to OceanEx. OceanEx team will carry out a spot check within three working days, where screenshots of the number of community members, the number of people in the background from the agent side, etc need to be provided. After being approved by OceanEx, the team will enter applications’ information into the backend and applications will be able to receive an approval email.

Step 3: Pass The Review and Become Agent

At present, Oceanex will open a probation period of one month for new agents. During the probation period, the commission rate will be capped at 50%. At the end of the probation period, if new agents meet the standards of OceanEx affiliate program, commissions will then be given according to the official commission rate, where up to 80% commission from spot trading and up to 70% commission from perpetual contract.

In the OceanEx affiliate program, if you want to become an agent, you do not need to pay any opening fee. You can directly fill in your details through the application link for our qualification review. After being approved by OceanEx, you can obtain the qualification of an affiliate agent and the account of the affiliate system. For more detailed guidance, please click here.

We sincerely invite you to become our agent and buy the future with OceanEx.

OceanEx Team


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